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UER Mobile > US: Mid-Atlantic > Final Final Visit to Hard Rock/Freestyle Park? (Viewed 752 times)

post by oysterhead00   |  | 
Final Final Visit to Hard Rock/Freestyle Park?
< on 3/6/2022 11:16 PM >

Visiting family for Thanksgiving, I went to Hard Rock mid-demolition. They were literally working Thanksgiving Day at double pay, so thought it was short for this world. Then they announced Fed Ex was going to open a huge distribution center there by August.

Well, went back when visiting for a family member B-Day and they didn't demo a whole lot since the last time I went. They're in the process of draining the lagoon and then they will demo the rest. The old mall out front is completely gone and graded. Tons of birds there, including a bunch of birds of prey including two bald eagles. Didn't expect to see them so didn't bring my 300mm lens, so just including a couple pics that are greatly cropped to show the birds

1. From the road, the mall that's been demo'd used to block this view

2. One of the pumps

3. Workers and truck getting OT on a Sat monitoring the pump



6. Not much left at all worth taking pics of

7. The obligatory shot

8. This eagle was very active going after stuff in what's left of the lagoon, never saw it catch anything, but that was when I was too worried about being seen by the workers so got out of focus junk through the foliage. By the time I realized nobody cared I was there, both eagles were gone.


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post by rt2096   |  | 
Re: Final Final Visit to Hard Rock/Freestyle Park?
<Reply # 1 on 3/29/2022 1:16 AM >

I wonder if the defensive swan is still there. That dude was ANGRY a few years ago when we stumbled above his nest.

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