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post by merzky   |  | 
New Austin explorer!
< on 2/26/2022 6:08 PM >

Hey yall!

I'm new to UER and have done a little exploring around the Austin area. I recently checked out an abandoned farm house and figured I'd share. Still trying to figure out lighting/exposure so apologies if the pics aren't great. I'm looking forward to exploring more of Texas & if you have any tips for a beginner I'd love to hear them!

IMG_1023.1 by merzky ☆, on Flickr

IMG_1025.1 by merzky ☆, on Flickr

IMG_1028.1 by merzky ☆, on Flickr

IMG_1032.1 by merzky ☆, on Flickr

IMG_1034.1 by merzky ☆, on Flickr

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post by ninjaturdius   |  | 
Re: New Austin explorer!
<Reply # 1 on 3/8/2022 3:10 AM >

Howdy and welcome to the forum!

Here's my 2 cents: Best thing you can have out there is that elevated awareness. If you smell human dookie or see fresh footprints for example, there's probably a bum nearby/ in the next room. A respirator is great to have for any enclosed mouldy, musty, and dusty spaces, and it will definitely spare you from getting black gunk in your nose and lungs. Finally, it never hurts to park further away and walk a little longer if its safer and separates you from trespassing suspicion.

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post by Pearson   |  | 
Re: New Austin explorer!
<Reply # 2 on 3/8/2022 8:53 PM >

Always cool to see some new local folks, biggest thing around here is homeless. Normally pretty cool just make your presence known so you don’t startle the wrong person. Happy exploring!

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post by The Bean   |  | 
Re: New Austin explorer!
<Reply # 3 on 6/11/2022 6:03 AM >

May as well join in on this.

Not new to Austin, but haven't done any urbex since I moved to Austin (4 years ago), and haven't been on UER in ages. Cool to see locals in here.

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