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post by junkie   |  | 
New Years Bando
< on 1/4/2022 4:06 PM >

First off Happy New Years even though I'm like 4 days late but Happy New Years again. Staring the new years with 2 bandos a really moldy restaurant and a mental health institute. Really dope spots mainly the Mental Health Institute but sadly didn't get to go in place is locked down tight nearly got stuck in a tunnel trying to go in. Thinking about going back there soon but I don't know.

Mental Health Institute

Moldy Restaurant
This place was supposedly a Office Depot and I think it was turned into a restaurant I don't know just assuming but this place was really moldy weirdly enough it had an elevator. It had a nice set of stairs and a nice touch with the chandelier

Bonus bando
This abandoned green house and generator

Happy New Years

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post by SoupForDummies   |  | 
Re: New Years Bando
<Reply # 1 on 1/10/2022 4:58 PM >

Cool stuff! Pretty sure I know the first and third spots but they look a little more cleaned up than I remember. Wild that the power is still on. Not familiar with the restaurant/club but it looks interesting. Very bombed out though.

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post by nanakwaks   |  | 
Re: New Years Bando
<Reply # 2 on 7/8/2022 7:27 PM >

I'm always so suspicious when power and lights are on at locations :E I'm paranoid that it's the police running a generator for a security cam to catch trespassers. The double staircase in the restaurant is really pretty but that mold is making my skin crawl. Also I think some of my friends have been to that greenhouse and taken some really cool photos.

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post by Cabanaman   |  | 
Re: New Years Bando
<Reply # 3 on 7/9/2022 1:11 AM >

I dressed a set in the first location for the DC show Naomi. Definitely still in use if just to rent out to the film industry.

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post by Riotboiii   |  | 
Re: New Years Bando
<Reply # 4 on 9/22/2022 12:28 AM >

What are some reasons besides security that an abandoned place would still have power?

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post by dammband   |  | 
Re: New Years Bando
<Reply # 5 on 9/23/2022 1:32 AM >

Posted by Riotboiii
What are some reasons besides security that an abandoned place would still have power?

The owners are courteous and want to help us charge our phones. 😂 I charged camera batteries in charity hospital in new Orleans. Don't go there ever

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