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post by WilliamGaddis   |  | 
Houston's Bear Creek Park
< on 10/12/2021 3:20 PM >

I don't ever see Bear Creek Park mentioned here so I thought I'd start a lil thread to discuss it. BCP is this massive green space North of I-10 and about 45 minutes West of downtown. It borders a small-ordinance municipal airport on one side and is filled with dams and abutments to accommodate the nearby Addicks Reservoir which was constructed in the 30s by the Army Corps of Engineers. There's an old graveyard on property (Hillendahl-Eggling Cemetary) with a penchant for 'blue light' hauntings as well as more than a dozen structures left in disrepair by the Engineers. I'm going to make a trip out this weekend to get some pictures of some of the waterworks and abandoned buildings. Has anyone else visited Bear Creek Park recently? If so, did you see anything interesting?

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post by WilliamGaddis   |  | 
Re: Houston's Bear Creek Park
<Reply # 1 on 10/22/2021 5:58 PM >

Added photos! I took pictures of the rusting carcass of an old car as well as the largest of the concrete basins.

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post by texas spirits   |  | 
Re: Houston's Bear Creek Park
<Reply # 2 on 10/25/2021 3:51 PM >

I'm going to have to check this place out next time, I was just in crystal beach but didn't have enough time passing through houston to really stop and check anywhere out.

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post by Joel   |  | RED DRAGONS!!!!

Re: Houston's Bear Creek Park
<Reply # 3 on 12/21/2021 7:28 PM >

The cement support you photographed (**edit not photoshopped my bad lol) is on the Eldridge side isn't it? An old piece of an original road before realignment no? The axle is interesting. Any marking on it at all?

Remnants of the original town of "Addicks" is supposedly out in the woods somewhere. I've read a bit, gone over as many satellite maps as I could find along with aerial photos and even looked at a few topo maps but I'm still at a loss on where to find it. I also suspect a few cars from Harvey have washed out there and yet to be discovered (I base that on absolutely nothing except finding a car in Cypress Creek over a year after Harvey up off 290 lol)

I've been meaning to walk the old golf course as well as check out the (Groeske family?) property a bit west of all that. I know the property has had it's share of issues. I was told by several people who grew up out here that it used to be the party spot (80s/90s maybe early 00's) and as of the last 6 months, less desirable individuals were allegedly stashing stolen property in the one outbuilding or hiding a trailer or some nonsense.

You in this area? As long as you ain't a slippery little rattlesnake (a criminal lol), I'd possibly be down to show you a few spots. Especially towards 99 cause everything out there is on the chopping block. I watched a beautiful property out there become abandoned before I snuck in for an epic 3+ hour explore then only to be back a few months later, (under official capacity this time) and saw mass destruction inflicted then it was all demolished. The og house, the huge back house, all the shops and even the building wayyyyyy in the back I never made it to. I was out there a few weeks back just walking the old foundations and comparing my previous pictures for point of reference... Got a little off track there but my point being, I know of a bunch of things that have only a short time before they're lost forever in a cluster fuck of suburban homes. I'll try to check back in or PM me or yeah whatever lol

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