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Chased by Squatters: My Story
< on 6/20/2021 5:24 AM >

Two very important rules of urbex are as follows:

1. Always have someone with you
2. Always have an escape route

Hopefully, someone reading this can learn a lesson or two from all of this.

It began back in September of 2017. I and my friend Aidan, ages 15 and 14 respectively, were going to this abandoned concrete building by his house. We wanted to make this lost footage-type of a home movie. We walked about 20 minutes and upon arrival at the building, we scoured the area looking for items we might be able to use as props. After checking the back with no luck, we walked to the front when I heard a loud and distinct crunch from behind. Without thinking, I snapped my head 180 degrees to see these leaves moving and what I believe to be someone's foot move behind the wall I was just at. I bring this to Aidan's attention, to which he said it was nothing and that he didn't hear it. I reassure him I heard something, but he shrugged it off and began to get annoyed with me. We began walking away from the wall, all the while I turned around constantly to make sure nobody was there. I eventually fell behind, to which he yelled at me to catch up. I ran over to him and arrived in the doorway of the first room, with Aidan just a few feet ahead. All of a sudden, an old man hopped out from behind a wall. He didn't just walk out casually, he quickly hopped out, as if he tried to scare us. He had an army cap, a grey beard, some brown shirt, and blue jeans.

The Man: "Hello there!"

Aidan: "What the fuck?!"

Me: "Oh my God!"

Right as I turned around, the man reached for Aidan's arm. Aidan dodged his hand and tripped as he tried to turn around. As Aidan struggled to get back up, I continued running, not knowing he fell. Before running back into the room with the other person who hid behind the wall, I turned around and saw Aidan struggling to get back up on his feet, though I didn't see the man. As he got back up, I ran to a dirt bike path that was parallel to the building. I waited for Aidan to catch up, where we planned our next move. I initially wanted to run back towards the entrance, as I believed we would be able to dodge the old man if he tried to grab us. Aidan made the decision to follow the path in hopes it led to an exit. Me not wanting to be alone, I followed him.

We ran past the room with the person hiding behind the wall, which we both completely forgot about by this point. The path led to a tall grass field, which we cut through before the path ended. On the other side of the field was another path we took to get to the building. After escaping, we walked back to his house and never said a word. Aidan told me on the way back he heard the crunching noise from earlier. He just said it was a raccoon or some other type of animal to calm me down. We didn't return to that building until almost 2 years later in August of 2019.

You can view some pictures of the building on this thread I made:

To this day, we had no idea what the intentions were of that man. Maybe he wanted to kidnap or rape us? We have no idea, and we never will know. Please let my story be a warning of the immediate dangers you can run into. How you plan to mitigate dangerous people is up to you, but it must be taken seriously. If this experience can help one person, then it was all worth it. I hope that man is better physically and mentally.

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Re: Chased by Squatters: My Story
<Reply # 1 on 6/21/2021 12:20 AM >

He only wanted to give you a piece of candy ....

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