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UER Mobile > UE Photo Critiques > Inside old abandonned mental asylum (Viewed 796 times)

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Inside old abandonned mental asylum
< on 4/5/2021 9:44 PM >

Hey guys !!

I'm new to the forum, but not urban explorations
Here is my last urban exploration. A former psychiatric hospital of religious fathers. It opened in 1939 for 90 patients and closed in 1988 due to a major fire.

According to rumors, this asylum was a place or several experiences on children hospitalized as electroshocks, lobotomies and other physical abuse.

This former hospital has a troubled past and a heavy history. Deaths, abuse, experiences and more.

I'm shooting with my Galaxy a71

I appreciate any feedback!
Thanks in advance!

1. Main hallway of class

2. Inside a class

3. Main staircase

4. Cool graffiti

5. Now empty cafeteria

6. Basement through a hole in the walls

Hope you liked it !!

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