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post by ddr3579   |  | 
Abandoned Amusement Park
< on 3/14/2021 6:16 PM >

Went to an abandoned amusement park a while ago, here are the 4 best pictures that don't give away the location. What do you think?


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post by roue_libre   |  | 
Re: Abandoned Amusement Park
<Reply # 1 on 3/14/2021 10:18 PM >

The pics are pretty good. Is it just my browser or do those pictures on your post show up ABSOLUTELY HUGE (impossible to view) on your screen as well ? I went to your imgur gallery, which was way better.

It's hard to be sure without being there, but most pics would probably have a better composition and visual impact with a wider angle lens or a bit more distance from your subject/foreground, as these tend to crowd out the blue sky background, which is a good feature of your pics also. The 1st pic (person on distant roof) is definitely the better-composed of the three.

It's too bad that those colourful walls are backlit on your two better pictures (those with a human subject). This is the kind of locale where you'd really benefit from a "golden hour" visit: that is, just after sunrise or just before sunset. A polarising filter would also do a nice little number on that blue sky, and maybe the graffiti too. If you're a serious photographer (and have cash to burn), a gradual polarising filter (darker on top) would darken the blue sky and even out the exposure... though I can't say it enough: you will get a MUCH better return - for no extra expenditure - if you can visit at a better time of day, weather permitting, of course!

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post by kabdad   |  | 
Re: Abandoned Amusement Park
<Reply # 2 on 3/17/2021 3:14 PM >

Cant really view the photos on here. Need to resize. Viewed in imgr. Need to work on the overall composition a little, square up shots, level lines. It's hard to predict the sky, but a different time of day or different day altogether would help. Need some clouds, or golden hour. Overall, not bad though, imho.

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