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UER Mobile > UE Photo Critiques > Critiques from recent shoot? (Viewed 773 times)

post by kabdad   |  | 
Critiques from recent shoot?
< on 2/22/2021 1:13 AM >

1. School
Ensley1 by kabdad, on Flickr

2. Office
Bullock3 by kabdad, on Flickr

3. Plant
Bullock2 by kabdad, on Flickr

4. Field
MB3 by kabdad, on Flickr

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post by DescentOnARope   |  | 
Re: Critiques from recent shoot?
<Reply # 1 on 2/22/2021 1:39 AM >

Very nice colors and tones, just the right amount of contrast. The first two could stand to be squared off, and while the angle looks deliberate, I don't know if it really works, especially for #2.

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post by Urban Downfall   |  | 
Re: Critiques from recent shoot?
<Reply # 2 on 2/22/2021 2:03 AM >

I think the tone and lighting is very good. Composition is good, i would say just focus more on your lines (horizontal/vertical on your next shoot.

Vibe in the no2 is very nice, good shot.
(this one would have needded to be tilted just a few degrees down)

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post by Sturks   |  | 
Re: Critiques from recent shoot?
<Reply # 3 on 2/22/2021 9:29 PM >

I like what you were going for in #3

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post by roue_libre   |  | 
Re: Critiques from recent shoot?
<Reply # 4 on 3/13/2021 6:08 AM >

I really like the ambiance and colours. But as others have said, the edges of your photo must be parallel to the horizon or other salient horizontal/vertical features. If you're going for a tilted effect, then really go for it. It's all-or-nothing: it can't look like a careless composition.

I'm still pretty impressed though!

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