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UER Mobile > UE Photo Critiques > Abandoned Power Plant in NY (Viewed 1336 times)

post by Danny_phantom   |  | 
Abandoned Power Plant in NY
< on 1/5/2021 8:08 PM >

What's up from nyc, this is my first post want to keep it short and simple: glad to be here and excited for what's to come. It's not many pictures go crazy






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post by ryanpics   |  | 
Re: Abandoned Power Plant in NY
<Reply # 1 on 1/6/2021 5:49 AM >

Welcome to the site! You're obviously taking composition into consideration with these which is good. Most of my critiques are extremely hard to explain but you'll figure them out yourself with more experience.

In pic 1, move the bottle and maybe back up a tad and get more of the machine and hall. Pic 2 move right a little more and try and get more of the machine. I think the railing is also at an awkward position in the frame. Pic 3, I feel like pics that are mainly blurred background never really work, just my opinion. Pic 4 is good but the sun's position wasn't in your favor. 5 should be level.

It looks like you're shooting on a phone, so you're gonna be pretty limited with zooming in. If you can get your hands on something tighter than a phone's lense give it a shot.
Hope these help!

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