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UER Mobile > US: Great Plains > Sturgis in August. (Viewed 1346 times)

post by thingamabob   |  | 
Sturgis in August.
< on 7/27/2019 6:34 PM >

Okay! Lets try this again since February 2018 feel through on me last minuet.

I'm heading out to Sturgis for work from 8/1 till 8/11.

And while yes I'll be there for the rally, and I'm 90% sure most of the locals will be trying to avoid the area because of it, I'd thought I'd reach out in case anyone would want to meet up. I'll be working in the days and will generally be out by 8pm local time the latest.

Few of my coworkers and I are talking about stealing a van and visiting Deadwood at some point too, so there is that.

PM me if your interested! =D

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post by Mr. Bitey   |  | 
Re: Sturgis in August.
<Reply # 1 on 7/27/2019 7:46 PM >

Wow - that sounds like seriously an EPIC adventure. Not just the meet, but my drive there and back. I've had an urbex adventure mapped and charted in that direction for years now. My semi-creepy custom van would have chipped in for the Deadwood trip too. But alas, I will be in Canada on a less then comparable adventure - as exciting as fishing with my future father-in-law sounds....

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