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UER Mobile > In Memoriam > WhatCC. 1985 ~ Jan 4, 2018 (Viewed 5162 times)

post by Doug   |  | 
WhatCC. 1985 ~ Jan 4, 2018
< on 7/19/2018 2:17 AM >

What passed away earlier on in the year.

He was a member of the SydClan for a number of years before parting ways with the group.
He was said to be at his best when in the Cave Clan & some members had tried to convince him to return.
Another one that was taken way too early.
Rest in Peace What.

He did have an account on UER, but made no posts.



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post by blackhawk   |  | This member has been banned. See the banlist for more information.

Re: WhatCC. 1985 ~ Jan 4, 2018
<Reply # 1 on 7/27/2018 10:05 PM >

Rest in Peace, Sir

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