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post by RowanJ   |  | 
Tannery Photo Critique
< on 11/7/2016 2:42 AM >





While passing through NH, we decided to stop by an old torn down tannery we heard of. My focus here was to try and balance the industrial materials with the nature growing around it all. Critique me up!

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post by RowanJ   |  | 
Re: Tannery Photo Critique
<Reply # 1 on 11/7/2016 3:23 AM >

Shot with Cannon T4i, 18-135 mm lens.

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post by OkapisRule   |  | 
Re: Tannery Photo Critique
<Reply # 2 on 11/16/2016 1:35 PM >

I like shot number two, though it would be better if the subject were lighter than the background like in shot three. Four has a similar problem, plus it's hard to focus on the metal when the background of the leaves is so contrasty and distracting. Also, the tilt is distracting. In shot one, the exposure is off, and there isn't really much of a subject to speak of.
I think the main problem is that a concrete slab with some tags on it is not that interesting of a subject, so it's hard to make it that visually interesting. The macro shots are decent though.

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post by blackhawk   |  | This member has been banned. See the banlist for more information.

Re: Tannery Photo Critique
<Reply # 3 on 11/25/2016 4:24 AM >

The subject while maybe interesting historically and that is pushing it, it's not a good shoot subject. It's pretty barren; I've seen plenty more interesting sand dunes.

The weeds are just that and shouldn't be the focus point. The composition isn't cutting it at all.
Not one keeper in this bunch and you should know that.

I suggest you start with a good subject.
Learn about basic photo composition and apply it.
Generally it's best to square up shots.
Check out and study some of the links on this thread: https://uer.ca/for...=1&threadid=124171

Not to worry... most of my first shots were dreadful. It's takes a lot of applied learning and practice. Even then every shot is not a keeper.

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post by frxnb   |  | 
Re: Tannery Photo Critique
<Reply # 4 on 11/28/2016 10:25 PM >

I really like these photos I think what would help the most is post-processing either in Adobe Lightroom or another editor. Usually when you take a photo it turns out under contrasted and not as vibrant. Just upping the contrast and adjusting the curves can really help to give the photo a professional look. Love the shots though and the angles/composition is great!

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post by TheSisterSinister   |  | 
Re: Tannery Photo Critique
<Reply # 5 on 12/24/2016 6:12 PM >

I can see the direction you were going for, but the subject matter just wasn't interesting enough. I can tell you're proud of the photos you took and that's the most important thing! Practice makes perfect.

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