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post by Maven   |  | 
Beginning the Draining
< on 8/13/2016 7:30 AM >

Hi everyone, this is my first post on UER after joining over a year ago. I'm always keeping an eye out for cool locations but I don't often take the time to prepare like I did for this bit. After meeting another UE by chance I was inspired to do my first post.

A friend of mine at work mentioned some "tunnels" (turned out to be drains) in the main park of the Stapleton area. Another friend and I prepared with flashlights and a note pad to keep track of direction. We planned to venture much deeper than we ended up making it.

The first possible entrance we found had a very low ceiling, about two feet high, and a thin layer of water on the floor -- not a very pleasant entrance for us as we hoped to stay dry. Once we found a suitable entrance we were very excited as it was dry and about 6 feet wide by 5 feet high. We began our trek and I kept track of paces in order to get a feel for our progress.

As we ventured deeper it got dark very quickly and I must say it was getting creepy. We speculated about a pack of wild animals living in the tunnels, at which point we came upon a widening neck and began to hear noises! Definitely enough to stand the hair up on our necks. Then we heard loud booming noises and almost wimped out right there haha. I did say at the time that it was most likely a car driving over a grate of some kind, so we began moving forward again. A little further ahead the tunnel widened into a sort of junction. There was a retaining wall and another floor about two feet above the ground we were standing on but that was covered with water. Then out of nowhere came the loudest two booms that I have ever heard right behind mi amigo. My heart was beating out of my chest. Then we realized that there was another manhole cover right above us and that cars must be running over it.

That was the end of our adrenaline rush. Once we knew what was going on it wasn't quite as freaky. We looked around and found that there was a lot left to explore at another time. We decided to abort the rest of the exploration that night because to go any further would mean sloshing through about 4" of water and we would rather get some boots. I'm really looking forward to coming back though!

It was neat because once we made it out I was able to retrace our path and identify the offending manhole cover. I'll certainly be taking more notes as we venture deeper into this drain! I will reply to this thread with updates when we make it back here.








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post by blackhawk   |  | This member has been banned. See the banlist for more information.

Re: Beginning the Draining
<Reply # 1 on 8/13/2016 7:33 AM >

Damn, who are you?

That pic cracked me up...
Welcome to UER

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post by Urbex Girl   |  | 
Re: Beginning the Draining
<Reply # 2 on 8/14/2016 11:04 PM >

Welcome! Sounds like you had a bunch of fun. Half of the experience is the adrenaline rush and constant feeling of fear.

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post by Akron   |  | 
Re: Beginning the Draining
<Reply # 3 on 8/17/2016 11:30 PM >

Drains = yes. We have a few here. Love the map.

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post by Maven   |  | 
Re: Beginning the Draining
<Reply # 4 on 8/3/2018 1:33 AM >

Hey all, sorry to resurrect this post but I have to say thanks for the replies and encouragement! Some other responsibilities have kept me busy since this post. Planning another adventure reminded me to come back here and check it out - and I was surprised to see what you had to say..

You've never seen me and spiderman in the same picture now have you?

I'm excited that I might be able to make more time for exploring these days. Peace out

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post by hoover 2   |  | 
Re: Beginning the Draining
<Reply # 5 on 7/14/2023 4:03 AM >

I love that picture with the octagon tunnel that is curving! That's very awesome! Keep up the great work!

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