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post by HighAngle   |  | 
Frontier Town
< on 8/9/2015 7:01 PM >

As I'm going through old SD cards, I find more and more photo's of inadvertent UE. Back in my Junior year of High School, my buddy and I heard about a closed roadside attraction outside of town a bit. Intrigued, we set out in my Jeep to see what we could dig up.

We rolled up to the parking lot about an hour and a half after school, and, being completely unversed in even the idea of UE, hopped over the low gate and strode toward the facility, cameras out and ready.

A pair of security cameras greeted us, mounted to the arch at the top of the hill. Ironically, a noose swung from the same arch. Maybe not the best beginning to a photo op...


We stood at the top of the hill for a couple minutes discussing whether or not to continue, and I finally won out. We continued into the facility, where I made an interesting discovery; the 70's-looking cameras weren't plugged in. We eased our way further in with confidence.









As we walked down the deserted stretch, I noticed a squat building on my left that looked... Inhabited. Shit. Sure enough, upon closer inspection, this:


Great. At least this camera isn't plugged in either! We convened again to discuss moving on, and decided that if nobody had come storming out of the house yet, we were safe. We continued on.




At the end of the road was a Norse-looking church, in immaculate condition. It looked to be used on a fairly regular basis, which was odd, seeing as the place hadn't been open for over a decade. Had the residents been using it? And if so, had they been inviting friends? My buddy and I were stumped.



Upon further review, I decided that last picture looked like a Black Metal album cover. I thought it was funny. My friend had no idea what I was talking about.

We turned around at the end of the road and hiked back. No one had come out with a shot gun, no law enforcement was running up the road towards us, nothing at all had happened. Still, we jogged back to the Jeep in anticipation of any one of these events happening as we hit the gate. I couldn't help but stop and grab this one final shot, though...


Jumping in the Jeep, we stowed our equipment under my sleeping bag and did a four-wheeled burnout leaving the parking lot. No law enforcement to be seen on the way down the pass, and we got back to my house without incident. Upon review of my shots, I forgot to turn B&W off after my first couple of shots, and honestly, I think it turned out better that way.

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post by Cherokee   |  | 
Re: Frontier Town
<Reply # 1 on 8/9/2015 10:00 PM >

Definitely really like the B&W!

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post by HighAngle   |  | 
Re: Frontier Town
<Reply # 2 on 8/9/2015 10:59 PM >

Thanks! I think it turned out a lot better than color would have, especially considering the subject.

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post by Lost Photographer   |  | 
Re: Frontier Town
<Reply # 3 on 8/18/2015 6:16 PM >

Sweet place!

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