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Bannack Ghost Town, near Dillon, MT
< on 8/7/2015 9:26 PM >

Bannack was a mining town founded in the early 1860's. As the gold rush boomed, Bannack became the first territorial capital of Montana. In 1863, Virginia City became the new destination for gold hounds, and Bannack was all but forgotten. The town continued to operate until the 1950's, at which point the State of Montana made the grounds into a state park. Each year, Bannack is home to Bannack Days, a Wild-West-themed celebration of the heritage of the Park, complete with staged gun fights in the streets, gold panning in Grasshopper Creek, pioneer skills demonstrations, live music and much more.

Bannack is also said to be haunted. The crew of Ghost Adventures paid Bannack a visit in their 9th season. The hauntings are said to come from a number of things, chiefly the outbreak of typhoid that raged through the town in the 1880's, as well as the numerous murders at the hands of outlaws and gunfighters that inhabited and journeyed through the town.

My dad, sister and I visited the town in November of 2010, and I remember taking a lot more pictures, but these are the only ones that survived my camera being dropped in a river on a fly fishing trip a few years ago. I plan on going back once I get back to Montana, but for now I'm stuck in NY. I hate this state...







I realized this is my first post here. I'm stuck indoors with a torn rotator cuff in my shoulder, so I've been running around on a lot of forums just trying to pass the time until I can get out and going again.

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Re: Bannack Ghost Town, near Dillon, MT
<Reply # 1 on 8/9/2015 3:44 AM >

Nice set

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