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post by jstancel   |  | 
Montana Visit
< on 6/1/2015 2:53 AM >

I had to be in Missoula for work. The day I arrived I headed north to visit some rural areas.

1. Countryside Cafe (wish this place was abandoned)

2. Farm House

3. Inside The Farm House

4. Living Room With Dungeon

5. Lots of Turtles in Montana

6. Barn

7. Jesus Bus

8. Old Friends

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post by DomVisuals   |  | 
Re: Montana Visit
<Reply # 1 on 6/22/2015 10:21 PM >

Absolutely stunning photos! Also those are some beautiful mountains!

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post by MoreThanJake   |  | 
Re: Montana Visit
<Reply # 2 on 6/29/2015 6:51 PM >

I love that turtle picture!

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post by frgmnt   |  | 
Re: Montana Visit
<Reply # 3 on 12/11/2015 2:43 PM >

Nice photos. Gotta love Montana.

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