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post by DomVisuals   |  | 
Freedom Park
< on 10/15/2014 3:53 AM >

Hey guys, Freedom park is a historic museum near the Illinois Central Swing Bridge that has been closed since 2011 (Flooding)
It is home to a world war II ship and submarine among other things. It'd be interesting to explore and photograph, though security would likely be a large concern.

(Not my photo)

I was just curious if anyone has visited or has some relevant information on it.
I'm considering a visit, but there are definitely some things to consider first.
The only thing I read was that there has been an issue of vandals stealing from the park and that security cameras were put in place. (Apparently, the security cameras were stolen too at one point, haha)

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post by MoreThanJake   |  | 
Re: Freedom Park
<Reply # 1 on 10/15/2014 3:08 PM >

Ive been a couple times. Heres pics from a year ago


Ive also been inside the ship. They are currently cleaning the whole property and I stumbled into some workers who were uneasy at first. You can go on the Freedom Park facebook page and message them to get a tour of the "technically" closed ship

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