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UER Mobile > UE Photo Critiques > 35mm Dead Boats (Viewed 1867 times)

post by Cracked   |  | 
35mm Dead Boats
< on 4/30/2014 4:38 PM >

Not exactly UE (for a start - it's by the beach - not urban at all), but they are abandoned and everyone seems to like boats!

Near a small village that almost vanished after big trawler fleets took over the fishing industry, and now seems to be almost entirely populated by artists and others seeking solitude.

Shot on 35mm AGFA 200 film. Scanned from 5"x7" prints. Comments and suggestions welcome - I want to do more film stuff and get better at it.










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post by PierreB   |  | 
Re: 35mm Dead Boats
<Reply # 1 on 5/1/2014 4:31 PM >

I really like the feel and vibe of the images. Has that nice film quality and gives a certain old look to them (matching film and exploration kinda fits perfectly together)

There are images in the set that are stronger than others for me.

Loving 1,4,9

I think #7 is out of place in terms of quality and interest compared to the others

#2 is a nice shot, but I feel the bottom of the boat being so tightly set on the bottom of the frame hurts the image somehow. Just a littttle more boat of bottom would be nice

But overall, liked looking at the images, thanks for sharing them

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post by Cracked   |  | 
Re: 35mm Dead Boats
<Reply # 2 on 5/1/2014 6:33 PM >

Cheers, Pierre. I think I agree with you with #7. As a stand alone image it's not that great, I was trying to give an impression of the space as part of the set, but it fell through a little.

Thanks for the critique, man

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post by ahhntzville   |  | 
Re: 35mm Dead Boats
<Reply # 3 on 5/5/2014 5:29 PM >

Whatever you used to shrink these turned all of your diagonal lines (and the rope on the front of that bulldozer) into jagged teeth. Hard to evaluate when that's so distracting, but I do really like the dozer shot.

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post by macgruder   |  | 
Re: 35mm Dead Boats
<Reply # 4 on 5/6/2014 2:24 PM >

I really like 2,6 and 8.

The digital scanning needs some work though as stated above.

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post by Adv.Pack   |  | 
Re: 35mm Dead Boats
<Reply # 5 on 5/11/2014 1:04 AM >

Im here to say film is awesome. Thank you.

You should get a film scanner

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