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A story
entry by manehawk 
3/4/2009 5:17 AM

Everything in this story is lies. It did not happen to me a couple weeks ago. I am a big steenking liar and I made it all up.

A friend of mine said he wanted to go a favorite location of mine, so we drove over yonder and UE'd that bitch up

We were walking around the classroom area and were heard a siren, so we ran to the second floor of the admin building and peeked out the window. In front of the place were 2 cop cars and a couple cop cars. I said we should run but my friend said we should wait and watch what they do. I sat down while he watched the piggies...

He mutter aw fuck, I think they saw me, and then the cops started to mobilize and shit so we RAN LIKE HELL. We ran toward the basement cause we figured it would be hard to find us there as we passed windows we saw a few more cop cars around the building. we waited in the basement for a bit and he suggested that we go up and see if they were still there....

We went up to the top floor (4th) and looked out. From our vantage point we saw a pig waiting outside of his car, ready to chase people. We wandered around the fourth floor for a little bit and counted three cop cars covering the outside wing

After a bunch of nervous watching and waiting, we got the clincher.


We shat bricks

The dude I was with isn't a minor(I am) so he got fucking worried

We debated between surrender and hiding

Hiding obviously won

So we ran to a rickety ladder that went up into the fourth floor's attic ceiling type thing

We climbed up the later to the open space above the ceiling. The only thing to step on was a foot wide board that went over the whole wing. We crawled inward. The pigs gave there one minute warning for the dogs so we crawled faster. We got to the end and hunkered down. I don't know if they actually sent in dogs because we didn't hear any. After 40 ish minutes of sitting in a 30 degree attic while the sun set...

We heard the fucking pigs outside, BSing about stupid cop shit just two floors below us. After a while one cop said his goodbyes and left, and then there were two.

We heard a second one leave so we assumed one was still there. after another hour of waiting we decided to come down. We scouted around the 4th floor and didn't see any cops. After a little more waiting a red car drove up and some chick started taking photos. TWO FUCKING HOURS AFTER THE COPS WERE STAKING THE PLACE OUT

We laughed about this a little. A bit later she drove away, so we figured it was safe to make our escape. We were making our way to the basement to exfiltrate, when on the first floor we heard voices. All the windows are boarded up on the first floor so we had to run back up to the second floor to see what was happening outside.

In the area between the wings, a bunch of highschoolers were walking around, not 50 feet from where a police cruiser was waiting for us earlier. My friend wanted to scare them, but I figured that we should just GTFO of there, so we made our way to the exit and got the fuck outttta dodge.

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kroovy location:
Calgary, AB
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Re: A story
<Reply # 1 on 3/17/2009 7:12 AM >
Posted on Forum: UER ForumQuote
my god.... this is the funniest shit i've heard in a long time. I don't care if its fake. Please tell me you have more.

[last edit 3/17/2009 7:16 AM by kroovy - edited 2 times]

day, to day, today
manehawk location:
 |  | 
Re: A story
<Reply # 2 on 3/21/2009 3:32 AM >
Posted on Forum: UER ForumQuote
it's real. I'll post more when more good stuff happens.

MisterPat location:
North Jersey
 |  |  | North Jersey Exploration
Re: A story
<Reply # 3 on 7/10/2009 1:42 AM >
Posted on Forum: Infiltration ForumsQuote
This story is true. I was the one with him. I must say it was one intense exploration!
Infiltration Forums > Journal Index > The AMAZINGLY AMAZING manehawk journal!! > A story(Viewed 1742 times)

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