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Guidelines for Tutorials
< on 3/4/2006 5:12 PM >
Posted on Forum: UER Forum
These are the guidelines to use for posting in the Tutorials, Lessons, and Useful Info section. These guidelines have been put together with the help of all UER members who wished to contribute. To all who did, thanks so much for your ideas, suggestions, help, and even criticism.

Please consider these guidelines when posting so that the Tutorials section can be as useful and helpful as possible to everyone who sees it.

Remember - Guidelines are Guidelines… not rules. Rules imply authority, power and control. Nothing here is designed to control the posts in this section beyond the goal of keeping it tutorial in nature. Guidelines are generalized statements used to “guide” toward a goal, or lead to the desired end results. These guidelines are not intended for hard and fast “Do’s & Don’ts”.

Guides for Postings:

1. Does the post fit the Tutorials section?
a. The post should provide information aimed at sharing something new, something you learned, read, etc. “I found out that falling down an elevator shaft hurts” is tutorial in nature. “Does anyone else get drunk every weekend and try to jump across open elevator shafts while smoking weed” is not.
b. If you did in fact find out that it hurts to fall down an elevator shaft, the really good tutorial part would be to post how you found out, so that the rest of the UE community can learn how to not make the same mistake.
2. Does the post present what I’m saying in a way that will allow the reader to take me seriously?
a. Good Example – (this is an actual post by a UER member) “It's always a good idea to wear some kind of mask, even the paper ones, if you are going to be around any pigeon poo. That is something that will get to you a lot quicker than asbestos.” This statement makes me believe the writer probably knows what they’re talking about and I’ll take a mask with me next time.
b. Bad Example – (this is not an actual post… I wouldn’t embarrass anyone like that, though there are some just this bad) “My brother-in-law and me ain’t scared of no F’ing pigeon sh*t. Hell, just go in like a damn man and make sure you blow your nose when you’re done”. A statement like that would let a sharp reader know really quickly that this person probably sniffed a lot of glue in art class and is not the kind of person that I want giving advice to me or my friends.
3. Does the post uphold the general rules of ethics that most UE’rs live by?a. Does it promote stealing, damage, destruction, or carelessness for the property? If it does, it probably doesn’t belong on this site at all, but certainly not as a tutorial guide.
b. Or, does it promote being responsible and learning about UE in order to help keep this activity open for all of us. Vandalism, stealing, etc., will only lead to fences and locked doors making UE harder for everyone.
4. Is the post written in a manner that is responsible and leaves a positive impression about this site, remembering that this section is FULLY open to anyone, even people who just happen upon the site and are not members?
a. Since this section is fully open, and is also a section that is particularly likely to give the reader a good or bad impression of this entire site based on what they believe we “teach”, foul language of the “worst” kind needs to be left out. (See #2) If you can’t write in this section without using the “F” word (not limited to just the “F” word), you probably need to use the private forums.
b. While good grammar and syntax help promote #2 above, no one’s post will be moved or deleted for that. How the post is written is not as important as the content. But really foul or offensive language usually will shadow what you really said in the first place.

If a post or thread is made, or has already been made, that doesn’t fit these guidelines, the post owner will be respectfully asked to modify the post. If that’s not done within a few days, the moderator will likely do it for them. If you are the post owner, or reader, and you disagree, please send me a private message about it. I make mistakes, and sometimes I might read something in a way that is not what the writer intended, but let’s do that through the message/inbox system. I don’t want the thread to become an argument. It should be a tutorial.

If a post or thread is made, or has already been made that contains potentially offensive language or subject matter, it will be removed immediately. The originator will be contacted to see if we can modify it so that it can be put back in the forum. If not, we’ll work to see if there is a private thread that it can be merged with.

Finally, give this new process a couple of months and then honestly evaluate it. I’ll post a poll in a few weeks to get your opinions about whether this has improved the tutorial section or not.

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Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools speak because they have to say something.
Infiltration Forums > UE Tutorials, Lessons, and Useful Info > Guidelines for Tutorials(Viewed 12520 times)

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