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Infiltration Forums > Journal Index > The Other Side...Journey into the Unknown > A visit to Henryton, 6-22-05(Viewed 4065 times)
A visit to Henryton, 6-22-05
entry by Xylanic 
6/23/2005 12:28 AM


Today I took a trip to the infamous Henryton Hospital, located outside of Baltimore off of Henryton Road by the Patapsco State Park. I'm well aware that many other people have been there, and this is my first visit there. I arrived right after a storm at about 5 in the afternoon, and parked across the river looking at the Power Plant and the tracks.

After a wet crossing of the river....At one point I nearly lost my footing which surprised me as the current did NOT look fast, I reached the other side and crossed the tracks. The first thing I noticed was the infamous storm drain hole outside the Power Plant. The bike is still there, and someone has added many additional things from the last photo I saw, including purple mittens, a yellow teddy bear, a purple purse, and more. Obviously, someone is trying to make a statement here. Somewhat amusing.

After a short romp through the Power Station in which I considered climbing the rails to the top of the Power Plant and decided not to, I avoided the small shed across and made my way up the hill towards the main buildings. Within sight of the small "Guest House" which I also passed on entering, I spotted a male in his thirties and a younger female, both thin, across the field making their way into the trees. Upon observation, I concluded they were fellow urban explorers and let them go their way.

At this point, I made my way into the complex, (In respect of the rules, especially with this level three policy which I'm not a fan of, which seems to persucute against people who may have lurked here every day for months but are not into constant posting and spending thousands of hours of their lives posting, I will not post the exact way in. However, it's quite easy.) I did not enter the administration building as I did not have proper ventilation equipment and the place looked rough. I DID enter the building up on the hill which looked like a mansion outside of Resident Evil.

Some Highlights of the exploration of the buildings

-The survival supplies in the bomb shelter. Awesome. It's quite creepy down here as well.

-The Attendents classroom and all the equipment inside, I spent a while looking through it.

-Whoever wrote **** Flowers on the Flower Mural on the board....Really irritating and made me angry.

-The view from the roof. Dramatic, especially while watching another storm coming in.

-Theres a room on the third floor in which old clothing and other supplies are present. You can clearly read the names of the patients that had these cubbyholes. On a return trip, I plan to take a notepad and write down these names, perhaps try to get some history on the people that lived here.

-In the "Mansion" there are small Alice in Wonderland doors which lead to within the wall Steam Tunnels. These tunnels I did not spend much time in (found some used flares there) but there seems to be more of them then people have spent time on.

-Anyone know how long that one area on the first floor has been burnt in and burned for? Looked somewhat recent.

-Several room titles creeped me out "Lab" "Pharmacy" "Dentist". Especially solo exploring, finding a room called Lab in a mental hospital is quite...disturbing. This was my first trip, and I was solo, so it was further unnerving.

I'd like to have a return trip, fairly soon, with some other people. If Interested, let me know. No, I'm not Level 3, which I guess means I'm not cool or whatever ::laughs:: but I'm willing to go.

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andrea location:
Baltimore MD
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Re: A visit to Henryton, 6-22-05
<Reply # 1 on 6/23/2005 10:39 PM >
Posted on Forum: UER ForumQuote
The lab was probably for blood work and urine samples. And Henryton was built as a TB hospital.

This isn't boot camp and you are not a ninja. But you sure look like an idiot in that outfit.
Infiltration Forums > Journal Index > The Other Side...Journey into the Unknown > A visit to Henryton, 6-22-05(Viewed 4065 times)

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