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Infiltration Forums > US: Mid-Atlantic > Countryside Villa, Wade, NC(Viewed 472 times)
oysterhead00 location:
Boonies, NC
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Countryside Villa, Wade, NC
< on 11/7/2022 3:37 PM >
Posted on Forum: UER ForumQuote
1800 Dunn Rd, Wade, NC.

I don't like to post locations, but this place is so far gone with a demo looking like it could start at any time based on the posted notices. Figured I'd pass it on especially for new newbies who might be doing houses and little locations and looking to move up into a larger place.

This was an assisted living facility that looks to have closed in 2015 and it's astonishing how much damage has been done. In September, it was reviewed as a public nuisance and had to have all entries sealed up in early October or face demolition (with a lien on the property) and/or a daily fine until it's sealed up. Every single door and window is wide open...if not outright missing.

Lots of stupid childish graffiti, but also a few decent ones. Other than beds, not much is left from the nursing home...but still a decent, simple, non risky explore. If you look at the site on Google Maps, you can see all the garbage that people have been dumping there.

Not worth a big drive and not worth adding to the DB since it's not long for this world, but figured I'd make this public and disclose the location for anybody who wants to check it out.

Here are a few pics...but I left out the good shots on purpose so anybody who goes can find the cool things on their own.

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Infiltration Forums > US: Mid-Atlantic > Countryside Villa, Wade, NC(Viewed 472 times)

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