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jitty04   |  | 
New Member - Moving soon
< on 11/18/2021 9:25 PM >
Posted on Forum: UER ForumQuote
Hey guys I am a new member here. I am 22 and have been doing this since I was 14. I currently live in Arkansas and my friends and I have compiled a map of over 1500 places in Arkansas from abandoned places, to caves, to cliff jumping and pretty much everything we have found in the state. That being said, I haven't had much of a need for a forum like this because I have had a lot of connections through underground Arkansas and meeting other urban explorers through the map. However, I am moving to the DFW area soon and am looking for more people to join me and show me the ropes around the big city. I am also totally willing to trade coordinates in Arkansas for some in Texas if that is something you are interested in! Just shoot me a message and I'd love to talk. I want to take this map and add points all over the area. Thanks for the welcome!

ryanpics location:
Central Va
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Re: New Member - Moving soon
<Reply # 1 on 11/19/2021 1:35 AM >
Posted on Forum: UER ForumQuote
Welcome to the site! We have a few DFW people here that I'm sure will help you get accustomed to exploring in the area.

Infiltration Forums > Rookie Forum > New Member - Moving soon(Viewed 218 times)

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