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Infiltration Forums > Rookie Forum > Trouble posting pictures(Viewed 284 times)
Urbex NC location:
Raleigh, North Carolina
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Trouble posting pictures
< on 10/8/2021 12:09 PM >
Posted on Forum: UER ForumQuote
I somehow keep running into this problem where I try to post pictures, (It could even be one picture) and it tells me that the uploaded file exceeded the maximum allowed size, even when trying to put in 1 image when using the “Attach an Image” button.

fr00tCake location:
45.522592, -86.666652
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Re: Trouble posting pictures
<Reply # 1 on 10/8/2021 12:43 PM >
Posted on Forum: UER ForumQuote
The built in UER upload doesn't work so hot. There used to be a cool "AV Uploader" that automagically resized all your images, but that went by way of the Dodo bird when the plug was pulled on Flash. To use the existing image upload you'd have to use a 3rd party site to resize your images. I use

But there is a better way.... Check out this link in the rookie forum:

Some items are dated, and may/may not work or no longer apply. I personally use item 7.3 (Flickr) from the above link. It's free (up to 1000 images), and easy. You can also reply to the above linked thread as a way to practice with a single image - just keep using the "modify" button at the top of your post until you get it right. You could also check out a thread where someone posted pics, and hit the "reply with quote". You don't need to actually reply, but in seeing the window that pops up it shows how someone linked their images.

I look forward to seeing what you have to share!

I see Spam people.
Dopamine location:
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Re: Trouble posting pictures
<Reply # 2 on 10/10/2021 10:12 PM >
Posted on Forum: UER ForumQuote
Same here!

I got used to using a Flickr account and posting photos in separate albums then embedding the link in your post!

I find it really useful bc it doesn't take up so much space in your post, you don't have to sacrifice quality when resizing, and people can look at your other pictures on Flickr as well!

-Through Trial and Error I Proceed.
Infiltration Forums > Rookie Forum > Trouble posting pictures(Viewed 284 times)

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