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Infiltration Forums > UE Tutorials, Lessons, and Useful Info > Police Scanner(Viewed 9331 times)
HornetWrath location:
San Antonio
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Re: Police Scanner
<Reply # 20 on 8/14/2020 2:25 AM >
Posted on Forum: UER ForumQuote
Any information you can get is better than nothing in the event you trigger a silent alarm. I understand the concern with "multitasking" but if that'll keep you from getting a trespassing fine then its worth it. It's not rocket science to keep a bluetooth ear piece in for additional information while keeping another ear free. Jesus christ some of you are stubbornly locked into an old world

I'm a lone explorer because I hate people.
BIGfartguy   |  | 
Re: Police Scanner
<Reply # 21 on 9/23/2020 7:35 AM >
Posted on Forum: UER ForumQuote
I feel like half the replies here didn't even acknowledge the OPs post, just read the title and reacted to that. They talk about how police scanners are 'distracting' when you're exploring, which is a totally valid point in it of itself. However, OP said
Posted by Marked
Just have one of your buds have a headphone in listening

Which makes the 'distracting' argument totally relevant.

OP i thank you for the info. I am definitely going to download a police scanner app now (there are a million different ones on IOS, both paid and free).

BoredFun27 location:
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Re: Police Scanner
<Reply # 22 on 2/23/2021 6:44 PM >
Posted on Forum: UER ForumQuote
Just be aware with the 5-0 app that it often has a 30 second-2 minute delay in the actual radio transmission to being broadcasted.

Infiltration Forums > UE Tutorials, Lessons, and Useful Info > Police Scanner(Viewed 9331 times)
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