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Infiltration Forums > US: Southeast > The Boiler Room of School 4(Viewed 1001 times)
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The Boiler Room of School 4
< on 7/9/2014 9:47 PM >
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So recently I went with a friend to Public School Number Four and thought it was a pretty interesting place. After a bit of exploring, we found an entrance to the boiler room. The same one that all of the urban legends are talking about. Because of the stories and just how creepy it looked, we knew we had to check it out. All of the windows were cemented over so absolutely no light was being let in and the heat of the weather and moist ground made it very stuffy. The boiler room lead to a tunnel system that pretty much ran underneath the entire school and were likely for access to pipes. These tunnels had ceilings that were around 4 feet high so navigating consisted of being hunched over (our backs and legs thanked us for that the very next day). These hallways were so long that it looked as if they never ended.

In one of the rooms, after reviewing the video, we noticed there was an animal looking right at us. We didn’t see it when we were there because it was hidden in the shadows, however, the reflection of the flashlights in its eyes shows clearly in the video. The whole place was just terrifying with the low ceilings, still air, and the sound of the highway echoing. The thought that there was something there watching us for a minute or two while we stood there just makes it worse.

We would have had more video but our GoPro was stolen. Unfortunately we left it somewhere unattended for a few minutes and it was taken.

You can watch our cinematic video and read more about our stolen GoPro here.

Here is a link to the only video we have left of us exploring down there.

Infiltration Forums > US: Southeast > The Boiler Room of School 4(Viewed 1001 times)

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