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UER Forum > Journal Index > HEY YOU! KID! > Out of retirement (Viewed 1074 times)
Out of retirement
entry by zero_rollov 
3/3/2011 9:33 AM

I'm back!
...Wait, I don't know any of you...
When I started exploring as a kid, it was just what kids did. I think probably my first qualifying antics were in the late 70's when I, as a VERY young lad, used to get in to old buildings on and around my block and make up stories about the things that used to go on there. I got in much trouble. Repeatedly. I never stopped, either, until some time in the late 90's... <sigh>
Dallas and the surrounding areas had, until the late 90's, been just loaded with empty buildings, weird overgrown storm tunnels, industrial complexes, forgotten heavy equipment, blah blah, you get the idea. I couldn't resist them. I guess I just have the "Hey, let's go see!" gene. I never really thought of it as a "sport" or activity; it was just something I did.
In about '97 or so I stumbled on a forum or webzine or something.... can't remember anymore, rather like this one but, of course being back in the 20th century it was pretty Steamboat Willy-ish. I thought "Wow, I could show these guys some awesome places!" I never did though. Work, girlfriends, etc. strted to eat away at my ability and drive to explore.
When I think back, I probably did 40 or so old farmhouses, 20ish factories, a TON of old churches (Ah, the Greenville Ave paintball church... sigh) 40% of then mostly abandoned downtown Dallas, most of the storm drain system for far-N Dallas, Plano, Richardson, etc.
Now there's an entire subculture of adults who not only continue to do this, but publish books and films on it. It's legit! Hooray!

Well, after getting an itch to go exploring a few years ago, I looked on the inter-tubes to see if I could find some nearby abandonments in DFW to go creep around in. Most of my old faves... hell, ALL of my old faves are gone. Dallas has 'revitalized' the shit out of itself in the last decade and a half, so my musty old lost kingdom is, well, lost. I found several boards and sites and realized that there were tons of people doing this now. Great! I'll start doing it again too! Well, stuff gets in the way. Without going in to personal details (my sex change operations, discovering that I'm a Manchurian Candidate, and the loss of my title and lands in Lichtenstein to name a few) things got in the way. I've idly wandered around a few places, but always with a severe time limit and without my heart being in it.
Well, I have the time and means now, and damn it I'm going to find the last few places in this area if it kills me.
I joined this board (again) recently... I couldn't remember the name or email addy I used years ago... and actually started talking to people this time with great results. So, this time around, armed with cameras, a car, and time, I can share my fun with, well, you.
Stay tuned for the next exciting installment.
No really, sit right there. Don't go anywhere.

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UER Forum > Journal Index > HEY YOU! KID! > Out of retirement (Viewed 1074 times)

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