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UER Forum > Journal Index > Boringly Titled by MindHacker > National Park Seminary (Viewed 1645 times)
National Park Seminary
entry by MindHacker 
1/26/2010 7:28 AM

Jan 12th. Or 5th.

National Park Seminary / Forest Glen Seminary is a seminary being torn down in the outskirts of DC. I decided to reward a job interview with an exploration, so the next day I went down to NPS on the recommendation of fatLouie. Thanks again, Louie.

I parked in the "view model homes" parking, grabbed a tripod / camera / light, and set off down hill. Started towards a smokestack (always a favorite, but no ladder, unfortunately).

After hiking upstream, downstream until a few old bridge pilings, and a few old square low buildings (any ideas on why you would need a 3'->4' room next to a small stream?

Anyways, I hiked up a tributary and found it! or what I hoped was it. It wasn't what the drain looked like in one picture I had of the outfall, but I was desperate. Got my light out of my bag and went for it. Raccoon tracks were all I saw, and luckily it was shallow enough my non-waterproof boots were sufficient. I did almost slip and crack a tail-bone jumping into the outfall, but that's neither here nor there.

After getting in a hundred feet, and around a bend, things happened! I could stand up, and I saw an older section of drain... my guess is >100yrs. Items of interest include a manhole cover, rocks, and a stone-brick interface. Which should be enough to give drain-nerds an orgasm, right? I managed to forget I had a flash, so I have no good pictures of that.

Afterward, I saw an unoccupied hobo-camp, tried a few doors in the abandoned seminary (but only halfheartedly, though I did consider crawling through the attic via a section of ceiling that had fallen out... until I realized what a bad idea that was.), and examined potential climbing routes up other buildings. It'd be easier with a team. Or gear.

Why is this B backwards? Why is there an H with lines? Are these builders marks or graf? Any ideas?

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UER Forum > Journal Index > Boringly Titled by MindHacker > National Park Seminary (Viewed 1645 times)

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