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UER Forum > Journal Index > Boringly Titled by MindHacker > A farm, a house, and a mistake. (Viewed 1545 times)
A farm, a house, and a mistake.
entry by MindHacker 
12/1/2008 6:15 PM

So the short version: Hit that old farm again and a less old house, all while learning why one should choose their conspirators wisely.

Long version:

I told this girl I was considering dating about my hobbies, and she said she'd love to go. Actually, she said she did it all the time, but that was a lie. Anyways she wanted to go, so I decided alright, let's do it. I packed up a good selection of gear, wore dark colors, and bought some new D-cell batteries for my club. I mean mag-light. I picked her up and we went down to the school a mile from the farm that I use for parking. (after I stopped to figure out why my car was squeaking – bent brake cover.)

So after listening to her rant about things I really couldn't care about for 20 minutes or so we made our way to the farm. I left the most incriminating things in the car (screwdrivers, my cigarette case of b&e tools/lock picks.) I've detailed the farm other places, so I'll just say its not much different at night, except you can't see much, and it's a bit more rotted this time. I took a few photo's up the first silo (and forgot that focusing sucks in low-light) and she turned down an offer to climb the thing. There were some "Scream" masks that weirded me out a little at first… being trapped in a dark silo at midnight will do that to you… but I got used to it quick enough. We then made our way to the other silo, and halfway there she slipped/fell… …and needed help getting back up. This was going poorly already.

The ladder on the side of silo no longer has wasps! Yay! Not that she'd climb it though. So we knocked over a few cinderblocks blocking the bottom portion of the entrance (apparently she can't get through a 3'x3' hole 4' up (with a few things to step on, and very generous handholds inside and out.) ) It made me feel dirty, changing a location like that. Once inside I took a few pictures of the tree growing up inside the silo (the nice thing about night photography is that you can control the lighting so well!), and then retook the pictures she walked through. Cold-weather urbex is a pain. Not only do the pneumatic cylinders refuse to hold my vertical-doors up (I know – my life's so hard), but my shutter fingers get numb and I have to hold the battery in my armpit to warm it back up every now and then. It was cold.

Now that we were done with this farm, so it's off to walk a mile to the other site. Night detracts from the site – it's harder to take it all in. I will give her that she never complained about that though, nor the walking. Well, not the walking itself. Though apparently she needs more pricker- bush training. Personally, I've been walking through prickers since I could walk (my mom took me down to the stream back in the day), and jogging through them since I was a teenager, so a few prickers bushes here and there didn't strike me as an issue, even if I couldn't see them well and just had to work by feel. Besides, layers! Didn't even have to worry about picking them out of my skin. The real problem was still to come... there was a nice 5' deep gully, and an uber-convenient fallen tree. I don't know the size, but it there was an area essentially flat and easily usable 10" wide across the top. Easy. I even did part of it backwards so I could stare at her. Why stare, you ask? Because she "doesn't walk across logs." It was at that point I knew I could never date her. Or even go on another date with her. It was actually a relief.

Skipping through the rest of the traverse in the woods, we got to the farm house. I took a nice shot of the skyline (fields, fields, farmhouse w/ skeletal trees) which I even managed to get focused on the first try. And level on the second. I've decided I love night photography - the lenses can gather light in a way the eyes can't, allowing the clouds to glow, cars to vanish into streaks, and details in the background to come to life. Unless you use a flash. F*ck flashes. But not the girls who insist on using them.

Anyways, I ditched all my gear outside the house. I'd always been apprehensive about this house, as there was a car parked at the foot of the driveway about once a month. She said she knew the family that had lived here and that they left, so I figured I'd do it. Cautiously, but do it. So we did a circuit from the outside – the lack of lights, window panes, and a read door all catered to the belief that it was empty. And it was. We walked straight in the back door. Which wasn't even there. Later we found it in the grass on the other side of the building. It was the first time I'd ever had to step on boards only over the joists, although I guess the fall only would have been a foot on that deck. But it was good practice, so why not? Anyways, we wandered around the first floor, one p&s digital, one flashlight (she broked my mini-mag) and saw the normal things. Broken furniture, shattered toilets… upstairs – nice stairs, with broken smoke detectors and suspicious, scaring-me-into-using-only-edges creaks – was more of the same. Well, more of the same + stuffed animals all over the place. Watching us from drawers, floors, and a decapitated teletubby…

I kicked a door open police style… ready to bash anything in the face with my club… but the room was of course devoid of life. I did it for another room too, but it was also abandoned. Some things just made me wonder though. Who recently left a pair of sweatpants in the front bedroom? Why had someone tried to burrow through the closet wall into the bathroom (which was too water-damaged to tempt me to enter). I scalped a lock or two out of the rubbish heaps on the floor and checked the attic-empty except for more stuffed animals. Then we blew that popsicle stand. Well, went outside to take pictures that sucked due to not nearly enough light. Good enough documentation-wise, but not good in an "is this at all artistic" type way.

She said she had to piss. WTF. I said go ahead. And she refused. OMG. So I said ok, lets go home. And she insisted upon being taken to a restaurant. It was 2am though, so I had to drive 10 minutes in the wrong direction so she could piss at a restaurant. Despite the restaurant being closer as the crow flies, it was also 9 stoplights away on 30mph roads. As opposed to one, on empty 60mph roads. So it took almost twice as long. I know, at this point you'd be expecting that she pissed on my leather seats, but no, she just bled on them! Back to that in a minute though. Anyways, if you have to piss so bad you insist on being driven to a restaurant, don't try to kiss me, don't walk slow, etc etc etc. But yeah, blood. Apparently she cut herself "really bad" when she fell… "really bad" meaning a 3" scratch that ripped her pants. She didn't even feel it. Then again, I was internally hostile to the girl already, so maybe it's normal for people to call that really bad. But as someone who has seen his own fat ("sorta bad"), and watched someone cut themselves to the bone ("bad"), "really bad" just added to the cons list.

So I had to drive back listening to her complain about ripping her pants. It's not exploring if there is no chance of risking ripped clothes, and if you don't wear clothes you're prepared to rip… Bah. Anyways, after all that, she wants to cuddle.

So all in all I guess it was successful. And I made an addition to "Can I date them?" checklist; It now reads as follows:

1) Moderate to high IQ?

2) Not obviously dependent/clingy?

3) No prescribed psyche drugs you're not taking? (Oh yeah, she admitted this to me that night too. "Because they didn't do anything." I've made this mistake before, I don't need to date one again… this is what I get for assuming though.)

4) Can you walk down a log?

Update 1: She saw orbs in some of her pictures and wants to go back with a tape recorder. I have a general disdain for ghost-hunters, which goes quintuple for amateurs / the "Weird NJ" type.

Update 2: She lost her wallet. I always try to leave no evidence that anyone was even in there, and she went and lost all her ID there. And didn't bother to return to get it. So I might have a field trip in the near future out of sheer paranoia.

Update 3: "thats cool. well Ok we will just hang out as friends fron now on."

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UER Forum > Journal Index > Boringly Titled by MindHacker > A farm, a house, and a mistake. (Viewed 1545 times)

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