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UER Forum > Journal Index > The Blog Of Xanadu > From PDA To Tablet (Viewed 1573 times)
From PDA To Tablet
entry by Xanadu 
3/28/2007 1:21 AM

I have had a PDA for a little less then 6 months, actually more precisely it is a HPC, or Hand held Personal Computer, think of a laptop, then shrink it in half about 2 times, and that is what this is. A cute little laptop, running windows, with a desktop, a souped up version of windows CE which runs on a lot of popular PDA's. It has a PCMCIA, which I filled with a cisco aironet 350. The thing gets about 12 hours life with no wifi, and 8-10 with wifi, which is amazing. I used it all over, and is fun to war drive with. However, Its small, so there is really nothing suitable made to carry it. Slightly to large for a pant pocket so it makes walking uncomfortable, no to mention people will think you have a huge penis growing out of your thigh. Second as the battery starts to die, the screen will dim, making it hard to see. The OS is not upgradeable, unless you replace the ROM chip. The OS has little support, it was sort of the Windows version the Microsoft forgot about. Windows Media Player on it has quirks, annoying too, Like it wont add need songs, that you have dropped on the hard disk. Well it will but it wont link them right, so they don't play. Sometimes it wont play songs one time, then it will play them later on. Another annoying fact is it runs PIE (Portable Internet Explorer) 4, which is like the desktop version, utter crap, sucks, doesn't support Java applications, even though it has JRE installed, and its not upgradeable, the only work around is Mozilla's portable browser, which is far from excellent. So I came across a fantastic deal, a Tablet PC, for $50 US dollars, doesn't include power cable, but that can be had for $8 on ebay. The thing is in mint condition. The specs are not too shabby. For those of you unaware, a tablet PC is basically a laptop inverted, basically the screen is put where the keyboard should go, and there is no keyboard. It resembles a notepad. Its fully touch screen, with an on screen keyboard. It runs normal windows, instead of terrible CE flavors, it will even run Linux. However the absence of a keyboard, prevents/impairs fast programming. However I have 11 desktop computers at home that I can program on, not counting the "loft".

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UER Forum > Journal Index > The Blog Of Xanadu > From PDA To Tablet (Viewed 1573 times)

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