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UER Forum > Journal Index > Urban Tales > A little story I made 1 its all about exploration and how amazing fiction is! (Viewed 1477 times)
A little story I made 1 its all about exploration and how amazing fiction is!
entry by Mitzsuguchi 
3/4/2007 4:11 AM

This cigarette hangs loosely against my lips. A pull of it against the night sky illuminates my face. My names Kitsune,Japanese, and im 23 year old male, standing at approximately six feet tall. A tattered face, prepares to tell a tale, my eyes prepare to face the horrendous truth, and my body is ready to collapse from exhaustion. This has been the longest night of my life...
It all started two days ago. My life before this had been rather monotonous and I had wished with all my heart, that one day, I would take a different path than I do day by day. Lady luck throws me that chance. It was a bleak and humid summer night, and as I strode home I looked over my surroundings. The same thirteen trees lined up the streets, the same spotted orange cat played with the locals garbage, and the same buildings were portrayed that same pigment of brown. A soft brush of wind played against my body and teased me. I was in no mood. So I continued into the abysmal emptiness. As I wandered about, an event rather interesting occured. Six men, dressed in black, had crossed my path and without even saying a word, passed by me. I couldnt help but overhear them mumbling. Or was it mumbling? It sounded more like an incantation. This was my chance, and so with the eagerness of a child, I pursued. My chase led me to a massive complex. The moon hung low, and gave the complex a look of colossal presence. countless windows were on display against the warm summer night, for as far as the eye can see.It appeared to me that this building pierced the heavens and grabbed at the very heart of god, an ominous feeling came from this place, and at the same time I dared to venture into the unknown.I jumped, a massive double door closed in the distance, made of what looked like corroded copper. An intricate design lay against the door, one of a snake devouring a man whole, and as I approached, I began to hear voices in the distance. I listened in....
"You are sure this place is desolate?" Spoke a deep voice.
"I am positive my leige, not a single soul dares to look at this abandoned chapel twice! They would never suspect a thing!" A meager voice spoke back in fear.
"Then I am counting on you." Replied the hooded figure, and walked off into the chapel. I hid behind a collapsed frame of the chapel and waited until they both had dissapeared. The smaller figure grumbled a bit looked around twice, and headed inside without closing the massive gate. Dared I venture in? What dangers await me?

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UER Forum > Journal Index > Urban Tales > A little story I made 1 its all about exploration and how amazing fiction is! (Viewed 1477 times)

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