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UER Forum > Journal Index > Shai Hulud: Explorations > TN Waltz n Splore Volume 2 (Viewed 1512 times)
TN Waltz n Splore Volume 2
entry by Shai Hulud 
2/27/2007 5:32 AM

On the 25th, user Kiishka and I headed to Nashville at around 5 AM central time to meet up with other explorers at a Shoney's for breakfast. While at breakfast, one of our guys went back to the buffet to grab more food. While he was up there, a "middle-aged guy" according to the description of the buffet-goer passed him a note on a napkin and left. When he got back to the table, he passed it around, and I remember it saying something like "Attention UER members: The prison is being watched. (We were going to explore the Tennessee State Prison and the Metro General Hospital.) Alarms are activated and cameras are on. Be careful." It was signed "A Friend." So, being cautious but curious explorers, we thought this over together in the parking lot, and decided to send some scouts. They came back with word that the Prison was not only being guarded, but guards were actively looking for explorers and apparently "knew about our UE 'party'" to quote one of the guards. We decided that whoever found out about the prison would know about the hospital as well, and that it was a bad idea to go to either one. Most people left for home at that point, but a few stayed around (among us were SaraBellum, natxtron, MutantMandias, me, Kiishka, dewey379, and Swick) to explore an old steam factory and something halfway renovated that was possibly a train supply depot.

I had my first experience with a homeless man while exploring that day, at the steam factory. He lived there, but he was out while we were in. As we were getting ready to go in, he came around the corner, asked for a buck for a cheeseburger, and told us what to watch out for in the building. That definitely changed my ideas of how to address the homeless while exploring. I was always kind of afraid of them, but this guy was really cool and generous.

All the members who came were great to hang out with. Despite Mandi almost wrecking the van once (in his defense, it was an honest mistake and was really no one's fault), he was funny as hell. Some of the guys knew the area and some took the opportunity to know it, but I think we all handled it pretty well. Nat was hardcore, I remember seeing him climb out on a beam in full gear, tripod in hand, just to get a shot (and a very tempting one). Dewey putting his whole torso down the boiler tubes was pretty memorable as well.

Overall, it was a great time, and the meet experience was definitely a motivator for me. I recommend it to those who haven't been to one. That's all for tonight though, I've got a fairly demanding day ahead of me tomorrow. Night, all.

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UER Forum > Journal Index > Shai Hulud: Explorations > TN Waltz n Splore Volume 2 (Viewed 1512 times)

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