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UER Forum > Journal Index > Boringly Titled by MindHacker > Remix: RurEx (Viewed 1809 times)
Remix: RurEx
entry by MindHacker 
8/25/2006 1:58 AM

Rural Exploration. WOOOOOOOOOOoooots...? The farm again / breaking in, not breaking my camera. It came broken.

Adhd time (I pretend I have it).

So work was boring as all get-out today, so I left early. shhhh. So, after screwing around and such, I decide it's time to hit that farm again, now that my camera basically works and I'm leaving for college again in less than a week.

So I put up my away message: "Urbex picnic.... w/ brice!"

And promptly didn't leave for a half hour, having to find shtuff. Ok. Got it all. Off to the super market. SUPER. Like it's special and better than all the others. After buying a loaf of french bread and an orange (which are expensive. .75 for a piece of fruit. Wtf? They need the extra half dollar to pay for the super?) in my odd get-up, its off to the site.

20 minutes later (shoulda been 10) I park my car next to a cemetary and a no-trespassing sign. At the tone the time will be Six, O' Clock.


Anyways, I set off around the field, chomping down on hunks of bread, wishing I brought a drink. BDU jackets are suprisingly light and airy, and pricker resistant! The rest of my "load out" was:

2 Gloves (right and a left)
Maglight (just incase, and cause I thought it could come in useful.
Butterfly (cause its a knife, you always need a knife <irish accent> eh, is that right Rambo?</boondock tangent>
gorpy stuff
loaf of italian bread (don't worry, I only ate 2/3rds of it)
valencia orange
Steeltoed boots (If I actually had toes of steel, I'd have one less blister)
5.11 Tactical khaki pants (thanks Mark - you suggested them)
Khaki tshirt
Cannon 325 digital rebel (300 w/ 350 firmware)
Keys (almost locked them in the car. Almost.)
I think thats all.
Wait, I was wrong, an AHRQ badge. conspicuously hanging from my breast pocket. AHRQ meaning, if anyone asks "Agency / Association for Household Research and Quality", nothing about healthcare. "The best way to make a strong house, you see, is to see what is still standing in the really old ones, I mean its wonderful. You see 100yr old houses. They were built sturdy, none of that drywall.........."

I didn't see one person. That was mainly for a possible side-trip to a recently burned-out place (which I didn't hit, on account of being tired).

Back to the plot:

So after checking a drain pipe from the watertower (300yrds of 2' pipe, any wanna try it? Only a spiders on the first half. And a strong uphill slant) and walking close to a mile, I get to the <hick accent> Farm </hick adhd>. Ditch my bread in a tree, and start looking around.

To the silo! Of course, I mean where the <insert something random> else am I gunna go? Take a picture of the tree growing through the farm window, another up the ladder, and its time to gear up/down and climb this mofo! woots. So i ditch hte sunglasses, maglight / such, and put on my glove. Note the singular. Frik. Anyways, 1 glove, 1 cobweb stick, 1 camera, and 1 retard who obsessively has to climb abandonments. Up we go. About halfway up (this is obnoxious, climbing 40'-50' up with steps every 2+1/2') my stick decides to break and fall in my face. I didn't like it anyway. This means I am using my one glove to scare the spiders to the wall and grab the webs. Oh well, so after scaring the spiders over the top of the silo, I top out. A picture or two down, one of the cars oblivious to me across a field, one of the rest of the site, a rest for my trembly limbs.

Funny how safe you can feel one spasm from slipping off the ledge your sitting on and doing a backdive into rusty cow stalls. Made me happy inside, Kinda felt like I was in a jungle, up amongst the treetops. Down again, check out the window (all busted out. Picture time!) and then, i feel a sharp pain in my calf.

GORRAM! So I slapped it. Maybe I killed it. Maybe not. I can already see the spot. Shoulda killed the mofo. Oh well, not like I could suck the poison out, even if my body contorted enough to make that possible 25' up a ladder-tube.

Back down, splored s'more.

Saw the cow washing stalls, and then a rusted out tricycle, missing a wheel. Why not, get the typical urbex pic of it. So... Im lining it up, and! cicada shell! WOOO! Right on a branch infront of me! Two types of abandonment! Our similarity to nature and the unchanging change of everthing. Only problem is I have to jump, do a one arm hang, and try to find the right focal length for both of em. Of course, I can't, pic ends up a blurry merge that niether of them look good in. Oh well.

Saw the hot water heater or a well pump in its own little basement thing. Missed that before. Saw a little field of glass bottles. I shoulda went when it was brighter out so I could use shorter exposures. Wandered the abandoned house foundation, complete with beer bottles and broken dishes. Walked the old ramp for the second floor of the barn, which long ago ceased to be. Saw a huge oven thing. Metal locker on one side w/ two layers of pipes going through, trashy smelly chimney'ed room on the other.

Saw some of the deer bones, except now someone had placed two of them ontop of a rock. Weird. The carpet didn't look like a rotting meat-bag this time. Oh well.

To the other silo! this was the other reason I was coming back. Get a picture of the tree growing in here. But hark, what yonder ladder beckons, tis rusty, but looks shiney, as though a coat of rust merely disguises a true ladder.

So I stretch up, and hit it with my maglight. Sounds solid, and even if its not, thats parta the thrill, right? Except for that leaf thing half way up which swayed, and looked like spiders were swarming it. Or maybe wasps. They coulda been bees. They stayed put, so I backed off, took a bad picture, and carried on my way.

So, squirmed/swung through a chest height hole into the silo. Pretty clean in here. Got under the tree and took a straight-up picture, took a picture from the other side. My hands would never make a surgeon. Good thing I don't want to be a surgeon. The second pic was decent though.

Back out, and I saw a building I hadn't seen before. So through the underbrush it is! Prickers have nothing on me. Nothing, except for a few red marks and hooks embedded in my flesh, but those are out now.

Cow Waterfountains! This makes me almost as happy as the silo. Maybe feedbowls, maybe just bowls on sticks, I call them as I see them. Ill let you decide.

Ok, go time. So back, checking to see if theres a full-on pic to get. Too much underbrush. Soo, <irish again> Its off through the potatoes for me</irish for good this time> I think potatoes. Heck if I know.

DJ Nosferatu W/ someone vs someone ft: someone- Project hardcore "Have It Your Way" in my head. "f* my night up i'm f* up your day." Fun times.

[deto*r: f*ll lyrics-]
How ever yo* want it yo* can have it yo*r way.
You f*ck my night up im gonna f*ck up yo*r day.
B*llit with your name sending it yo*r way.
That goes for anyone that comes thro*gh that doorway.
[/pop ritalin]

Recon photos of the watertower, trying not to look like a terrorist. Yups. BDU does that, no? So anyways, get back to the car, unload my stuff and its retracing my steps looking for my glove. I'm hopeful couldn't of gotten far with it could I?

Must've fallen out as I started taking pictures.

Maybe I missed it. Back again, singing "I'm a retard" in my head. I take a wrong turn through the almost-paths and the prickers rape me. "There's something to be said about persistance, but theres something better to be said about knowing when to turn back." Amazing what I think to myself, realizing that I really knew when to turn back I wouldn't have been penetrated 50 times. A mile and an orange later, I must admit it. No glove. They were nice too. The smell reminded me of school rooftops, and we'd been through my first urbexes together. Oh well, ebay, here I come! Still though, I didn't get a ticket again this time. That's good. I could only hide one of the two no trespassing signs with my car. Speeding home, except when I caught up to the slow person who like to weave across the centerline. I slowed down for him.

In to my house, empty my pockets. Peel off all my clothes into the laundry basket (acausa poison ivy. i think there was alot, unless they were all just prickers). Shower, get a twig outa my hair.

Spider bite isn't getting any bigger, legs are sore though. Post this. Off to find something else to eat/drink. enjoy.

67610.jpg (14 kb, 267x400)
click to view

67611.jpg (20 kb, 400x267)
click to view

67612.jpg (22 kb, 267x400)
click to view

67613.jpg (40 kb, 400x267)
click to view

67614.jpg (16 kb, 250x250)

)- Up the silo. Note the bad photography.
)- Down the silo. Note the washed out glove / boot, and the remains of the roofing timbers overgrown with life.
)-Tree in the other silo. Nice and unsteady hands.
)-Cow Waterfountains! Still makes me happy inside. Moderatly decent pic too.... Photog skill must have been getting better as the day went on.
)-Future target:Acquired

[edit-i suck at pictures]
[edit2-add these bars]
[edit3-I felt like adding another]

[last edit 8/25/2006 2:09 AM by MindHacker - edited 3 times]
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UER Forum > Journal Index > Boringly Titled by MindHacker > Remix: RurEx (Viewed 1809 times)

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