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UER Forum > Journal Index > its only tresspassing its not murder > A quick storm drain in minneapolis (Viewed 2249 times)
A quick storm drain in minneapolis
entry by Bones 
7/3/2006 7:20 PM

There once was a man from Nantucket, but him and his un-usually large penis have nothing to do with this.

There I was again, sitting on the intertent exaimning the vast amounts of knowledge shared on the hit website known as my space. Now today wasnt one of those days where I was not about to leave the cool confinds of my house. It was 3 o'clock in the afternoon and I was sitting on the internet in my pajamas not wanting to get dressed, when I got an instant message from the notorious dood55105, who is non-other than the infamous Paul D. He asked me if I was up to go exploring, how could I say no, Actually I was very tempted to say no, it was 90 degrees out, and I knew we would have to ride our bikes from st.paul a whole 4 blocks down a hill and across a bridge to a pre-determained location, which was just a light pole. I told Paul to ride to my house and from there we could ride over to Minneapolis.

I signed off the internet slowly walked down my basement stairs to my bedroom. I put on my pair of shorts and laced up my doc-martens, and packed my tripod and crappy digital camera, and my dads black mag-light with a fresh new bulb. Soon enough Paul was on my door step and we were on our way to Minneapolis in the scorching heat. We rode hard and fast, kinda as if we were the hells angels of bmx bikes. As we arrived 5 minutes later in minneapolis we locked up our bikes and started to climb down a steep ass hill/cliff. We followed a hard beaten trail down to a small beach covered in empty bottles, random chip bags, and rotting fish. We walked over to the drain. There was a gate over it, It was bent back enough for us to fit under. There were small problems already, today weather was perfect boating weather so every two minutes another boat would cruise on by. Then the mississippi river grew still it was time. Paul squeezed under first, next my back pack, Then I slid under. We were greeted by a graffiti piece by moose, which ment that there were gonna be pluto tags as well.

Once inside I pulled out my flash light and we started on our way. The cool breeze inside the drain felt good as hell. We kept walking, kinda hunched over but it wasnt so bad. We came up to a small dropshaft but it was nothing special so we just kept going. About half a football field later we were at the end, a larger dropshaft marked the end of our trail. There to prove my point about the moose graffiti piece earlier there were two tags next to each other, moose and pluto. We turned and walked back to the outfall. Once back i pulled out my tripod and shot a few pictures then we crawled back out and went on our way of near death falls into the mississippi river, its not to walk on dodgey pathes along side of a steep ass hill.

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Re: A quick storm drain in minneapolis
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Pics? Even one? Too bad it wasn't bigger... Not to say that I haven't found and explored smaller ones.

"That's just my opinion. I would, however, advocate for explosive breaching, since speed and looking cool are both concerns in my job."-Wilkinshire
UER Forum > Journal Index > its only tresspassing its not murder > A quick storm drain in minneapolis (Viewed 2249 times)

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