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UER Forum > Journal Index > Boringly Titled by MindHacker > Past Farms and Future Watertowers (Viewed 1892 times)
Past Farms and Future Watertowers
entry by MindHacker 
6/8/2006 1:40 AM

Went to Bible study (aka tell fun stories with your friends / abnormal pastor), and drove past this abandoned silo and the watertower on my way to church, as I have for the past 20 years. Except this time I'm listening to some fun DnB, windows down, in a good mood, and decide to do what I couldn't this weekend.

So on the way back I parked in some construction site's partial driveway.
I meant to park at the cemetary, but it was gated in. Who locks a cemetary? What is there to steal?

So I jog across a grass field, and then sidestep through a farmers field tween the rows so I didn't kill his plants. Took forever, but what must be must be. After cutting through the woods I was there, to the abandoned, collapsed house attached to the silo. That is after I thought a deer was the property owner (can you tell I get paranoid?) and for a second considered bolting.

interesting, Thick trees growing through windows, so it must be >40 yrs abandoned, though I'd guess nearer to 60. So I wandered around the building, through a hole 1.5"x2.5" on the ground-level wall to enter the silo, and almost climbed it. And then I decided, ScrewIt, I need gloves, and something for the spiderwebs.

It was intriguing regardless though, as I could make out the remains of the old roof laying on the weed-carpeted floor, in thier final throws of rotting.

A quick tour of the rest of the site revealed another, shorter silo (that I had never seen from the road and was a pleasant suprise). This one is what sealed the deal on coming back, as I want to get a picture of the 30? 40? year old oak tree thats finally growing out the top. Pictures from both the bottom and the top would be nice, and I'd love to bring someone else along.

The remainder of the tour: dead wood shed, utterly collapsed, cattle gate w/ no fence attached to it anymore, waist high ruined foundation for a house, deer spine, and a carpet that lie next to it which made me jump? (The best way to describe it is to say were I a cat, I would have arched and puffed) (Cause it looked like rotting fur/skin/flesh (lovely) and was a start to glance at all-of-a-sudden). Off to the watertower!

Things gained from recon: No noticable security other than the evilly-folded top of the chainlink fence. One sign/abnormal pipe on the fence, but it was just a gas line warning. The ladder begins 15? 18? feet up, but is a nice caged ladder into a nice railinged walkway around the equator, connecting to a nice, caged ladder to the top, all of which are out of the way of the cell / satellite? antennas. Woot.

I would love to launch a mortar off the top @ an angle.
It'd be a beautiful picture.
If only it wasn't on the major road, and if only fireworks were legal.
While I'm at it, if only I had a pony.

So then I jogged back to the car (or 1998 honda odyssey minivan (sexy, no?)), which gave me a cover. Besides, walking is boring. I didn't get a ticket, which means a) no cops drove by, or b) it was so blatant to the eyes of the beholder (parked between the no trespassing signs) that of course I must have had permission, in the eyes of the beholder.

And no, no camouflage, just blue jeans and a black shirt that says "everyone is entitled to my opinion." (My girlfriend at the time was passive-aggressive). I did carry a switchblade though (more because it was in my pocket already than because I had a reason). In fact, I saw a nary a soul besides: glimpse of a deer, glimpse of a groundhog, a rabbit, random birds, 1/4 a dead deer, a dead carpet, and 2 hawks. I think I disturbed them from sleep/roost/watching the field for little meals that run across.

Best part: the random "Wow, I can climb through X, walk through Y, and do whatever I want". It was rather unique, and the best way to describe it is as

The charming freedom of exploration.

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Re: Past Farms and Future Watertowers
< Reply # 1 on 6/8/2006 3:35 PM >
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And I forgot to mention the was a manhole on a concrete box outside the watertower fence. Had a nice S on it. S is for Storm, right, or is it for Sanitary Sewer?

It sounded like a storm drain, and I think that they are on septic tanks that far out, so I'm popping it next time. Hopefully it's and emergency drain.

"That's just my opinion. I would, however, advocate for explosive breaching, since speed and looking cool are both concerns in my job."-Wilkinshire
UER Forum > Journal Index > Boringly Titled by MindHacker > Past Farms and Future Watertowers (Viewed 1892 times)

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