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UER Forum > Journal Index > Boringly Titled by MindHacker > Paper Mill aka Losing my viriginity - It doesn't hurt! (Viewed 3191 times)
Paper Mill aka Losing my viriginity - It doesn't hurt!
entry by MindHacker 
3/18/2006 5:18 AM

Driving to Ringing Rocks (a field of boulders that make fun sounds when you beat on them with a hammer) I saw two huge smokestacks, which immediatly caught my attention. The factory looked abandoned, but you never know.
Coming back we decide to drive by it atleast. definitely abandoned. We might not have gone in, except they left one of the doors wide open. That settled it.
We parked near some of the old management housing (as we later found out) and started walking toward the factory, trying to get out of the gaze of the one family that kept looking at us.


So we walk in, and there's this desk set up like its a guard desk. So we, of course, scope it out. There's a gun magazine lying on top. Which woulda worried me had it not been from April, 2001. Continuing in, we see huge rooms, but no machinery. But we do see a stairwell heading up.

Up the stairs is another empty room, empty save some equipment still tagged from the auction, and some trash. However it does let us get our bearings. Back down stairs we pass huge mixing? storage? vats, and then, after crossing some rooms with large holes in the floor with the collapsed support skeleton of missing machinery. Then we find some offices, where I, after being unable to locate stationary, find a huge, roll-up sign. My weakness. It's on my wall now. Office's are boring.

We see an interesting door to the outside, and unlike the first time, this outside isn't an overgrown courtyard with a stagnant pond - canal thing. But the door's locked, so we head down an inner staircase.... where we find chem labs!

My gf picked up a hazardous sticker, and myself, seeing the copius amounts of glassware intact and broken on the floor, add an erlenmeyer flask to my collection. I mighta taken a chemical or two but they were all exotic somethings. In little bottles, I thought it best not to screw with them. The gas valves, fume hood, and other assorted standard fare were all to big to carry. Besides, that'd be ruining the site.

Outside then, we see dying chemical tanks (hopefully just water), and head toward the offices. Stepping through the window, We see a bare office, except for the cabinet, complete with delicately smashed window lying on the floor as it fell. We woulda continued on, but there was an inch or so of standing water in the hallway. Next time, when I have boots.

So, out again, past the smashed monitor, and we decide to get climb the towers if possible and bail (It was my first time. I was nervous. And those staring neighbors.) So we go back in, get ourselves to the right area, look outside and see the stacks and realize its the wrong area, and then get to the real right area by running across in full view of the road. Shoulda gone around the inside but oh well.

So anyways, roof the building via the inside, going past the boilers and all, climbing sideways up the ladder thats rust has disconnected from the roof, all to learn that: the ladder for the stacks connects to the ground. oh well. Almost no vandalism up here. Kinda cool. Down again.

So. We find the ladder. Miraculously unlocked and easily accessible (as in walk up, place hands and feet on rungs). And it's safe (cage starts @ 8 feet up.) Ofcourse, my biners/rope are all in my suitcase (with the headlamp, gloves and grapple). So, up the ladder (takes forever, even using different climbing styles to keep my arms from getting sore.) So, lying at the top (to make me blend in. ish) there I see a car pull in. Frik. But it's a yuppie mommy car, not a security looking car, and it just turns around. The atvs that cross the parking lot don't notice us either, nor the cop that was headed in the other direction.

Topping out off the ladder, my gf drops her butterknife. (3 points if you know what thats for). It almost immediatly clangs. Wow i think, i thought we are higher than that. Looking through the grate I'm lying on, I see the knife fluttering below. Apparently it bounced off the cage. Flutter, Flutter, bounce of a roof, to the ground. Thats more like it, abnormally high.
So we look around from the nice railinged platform, and see it all, and decide to bail. As soon as I start down the ladder, a policecar turns his siren on in the street outside. Frik. I knew we were p'wned. Good thing I left the butterfly in the car.
But it flew down the highway, presumably after the speeder. Yay for speeders. So we continue down, and we hear a cop with a siren on. Maybe he did see us. Oh well. But lo, he passes on too. Same with the fourth. Once we get to the ground, recollect the knife and souvenirs, we hear another siren. Louder, Louder, Louder.... quieter, frik yes quieter. Endorphins are well kicked in. So we jump a gate, make our way to the car, talk with the people who watched us before (apparently we look like newlyweds?ish looking to buy the house next to the factory. We get a bit of info, and then left, and made sure not to speed. Too much.

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Re: Paper Mill aka Losing my viriginity - It doesn't hurt!
< Reply # 1 on 4/9/2006 1:49 AM >
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Posted on Forum: UER Forum
Ohh sounds great. I know the BK is for getting past cheap int doors.

That place sounds amazing!

Bringing exploration to Clarksville.

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Re: Paper Mill aka Losing my viriginity - It doesn't hurt!
< Reply # 2 on 4/9/2006 5:15 AM >
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Posted on Forum: UER Forum
It does windows too! And it has a funny nick in it now. I actually went out to the salvation army and bought myself 2$ worth of them, so I could stop stealing the schools. Its nice, I have long ones, thin ones, wide ones....
It was rather cool, I want to go back with a mask and a real light to do the basements. And boots for the office hallways.

[last edit 4/9/2006 5:15 AM by MindHacker - edited 1 times]

"That's just my opinion. I would, however, advocate for explosive breaching, since speed and looking cool are both concerns in my job."-Wilkinshire
UER Forum > Journal Index > Boringly Titled by MindHacker > Paper Mill aka Losing my viriginity - It doesn't hurt! (Viewed 3191 times)

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