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Posted on Forum: UER Forum

Q: I'm new here. What do I need to know?
First, check out the rules, linked in the next section. You should probably also read all of this FAQ. After that, start with the Rookie Forum.


Q: What rules and regulations am I expected to follow here on UER?
Read UER's simple Forum Rules.

Q: I've seen that some users have been banned from UER. Is there any way to see who has been banned and why?
A list of the users who have been banned and the reasons for doing so is maintained at

Full Membership

Q: How do I become a full member?
Please read this thread.

Q: Where do I see who is waiting to be a full member?

Q: I applied for Full Membership over a week ago! How long does it take?
Depending on our backlog, it could take up to 2 months. Please be patient. You will receive a message if you are denied or accepted.

Q: What do I do if I was denied full membership?
Read your denial message again. If you feel there is an error, you can contact one of the moderators.

Q: ZOMG! I have this great location to add to the LDB but I can't because I'm not a full member! Can someone add it for me? Can I please please please have full member? I want to add it, really, I don't care about posting!!11one!
Great. First of all, calm down, and realize that the following is possibly true:
  • Your location might already be in the LDB (but hidden from you)
  • You may just not be ready to post in the LDB.

    As a basic member, your best course of action is to start a properly-titled thread in your regional section (ie, South) and post a few photos (5-8) and a well-written story there. You will get much more recognition and your full membership will arrive that much faster.

    Don't ask someone else to post your photos for you. You won't get credit for them, and it really breaks the whole community aspect we've got going on here.


    Q: I don't get any of the blue or green dots. How do I enable them?
    Turn on "Read States" in your profile options.

    Q: How do I provide a link to a post to someone else?
    Right-click the small icon in the top-left of the post (this post has a green UER symbol) and select Copy Link Location or Copy Shortcut. Then paste this link into an email or chat window or wherever you like.

    Q: How do I post photos?
    Posting photos in the forum is as easy as using the "Attach an Image" button in the New Post or Reply windows. The photos must be less than 100k in size. If your files are too large, you will need to use an application like irfanview or photoshop to re-size them until they are less than 100k. If you are posting a lot of photos, surround your [pic] tags with [gallery][/gallery] tags.

    Q: I'm a basic member. Why can't I post in 'Other'?
    Q: I'm a basic member. My non-UE-related thread was deleted!
    This is an urban exploration website. Our policy is that basic members should only discuss topics relating to urban exploration. As such, any threads you create which are not directly related to urban exploration will be removed. Once you have gained full membership, we allow access to the 'Other' section so you may 'blow off some steam', as it were.

    Q: What are all the tags available on this forum, like bold and italic?
    See this thread.

    Q: I'm looking for a place to introduce myself to the forum. Where can I do so?
    General member introductions can go here.

    Q: I heard there was an old 'Forum Issues' section that dealt with a lot of old concerns surrounding the site. Is there anywhere that old content is archived?
    You can find the Forum Issues archive here.

    Location Database

    Q: Is there a "SEARCH" feature?
    Yup! Here it is!

    Q: I have a great location that's not in your database yet! Where do I send my pictures?
    The database is community-edited. If you are a full member, you can create a new one. Please make sure the location does not already exist. If you are not a full member, you can post some basic information in the appropriate Regional Forum, but there's a chance your new location is already in the Full Member Only database.

    Q: There is some incorrect information on this location!
    Please click the "edit" button and make the correction yourself.

    Q: Are there any terms or conditions associated with contributing to the LDB?
    Yes. Please read this thread carefully before creating a location or uploading a photo gallery.

    Q: Can I upload every boring, blurry, redundant, and underexposed picture I ever took to the LDB?
    Absolutely not. Please read this thread before uploading any pictures, and do your part to keep the LDB clean.

    Convention Icons

    Q: I'm hosting a "UE Convention". Can I get an icon for it, to appear under "conventions attended" in people's profiles?
    Maybe. See here if your convention applies, and the procedure required to get such an icon:


    Q: What does this star mean?
    You can read an explanation of what all the stars mean here.

    Premium Membership / Donations

    Q: What is premium membership?
    All the information you need can be found here

    Q: What's the URL for that special premium membership version of UER?
    Here it is.

    Q: If I donate more than $5 in a month, does the remaining money go towards paying for premium membership in the months afterward?
    No. Whether you donate $5 or $55, you will recieve only one month of premium membership. The idea is to encourage regular donations, rather than large, one-time donations. Please check the announcement regarding premium membership here:

    Q: I donated $5, but the system told me I only donated $4.55. What's up with that?
    Gotta love PayPal... they need their cut, of course. The difference is due to PayPal's fees. I used to not bother counting it... $5 was $5... but when you have 20 $5 donations, that suddenly adds up to a missing 10 dollars. So, now, your donation counts for what UER gets.

    Q: Whats the URL for the donations page?
    Here it is

    Q: How do I change the batteries in my UER Flashlight?
    See this article.

    UER Chat

    Q: How do I access the UER Chat?
    Click the "Chat" button on the sidebar, or use this URL:

    Q: The UER chat is not working. It seems to be broken.
    Av will fix it soon enough. Just hold on and don't start new threads about it.

    Q: Can I access the UER Chat in my IRC client?
    No, UER Chat is not IRC. You can download a standalone chat client here:


    Q: I came to UER from Infiltration. Is there a better interface?
    "Better" is a personal choice, but there are many other interfaces to choose from. Here are a few to try:

    UER Interface (most features)
    Premium Members Only
    UER Mobile (for phones and PDA's)

    Everything Else

    Q: Will UER pay me to surf the internet?
    Yes. We pay 15 cents an hour (up to a maximum of 100 hours) in US dollars for staring at certain webpages. To become part of this UER surfing program, send
    your $500 US startup money to our PayPal account.

    Q: I paid $2 for an issue of Infiltration and when it arrived, I discovered that it was a photocopied, stapled black-and-white bunch of paper. I expected full-colour pages printed on heavy paper with a high gloss, professionally bound and assembled, even though the screenshots of the 'zine on the website clearly show black-and-white issues. Where do I direct my complaints, and will anybody answer me?
    Please write your complaints on a 3" by 5" card and leave them on the stairs. We'll get back to you ASAP.

    Q: Why is the FAQ button flashing? How do I make it stop?
    The FAQ button flashes for the first 7 days of your membership, to encourage you to read and understand this FAQ. It will stop soon enough, I promise!

    I still need help!

    If this FAQ is unable to answer your question and using the Search function has returned no results, please leave a message on the Contact a Moderator board.

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