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UER Forum > Journal Index > Boringly Titled by MindHacker > The watertower was calling to me. (Viewed 2188 times)
The watertower was calling to me.
entry by MindHacker 
1/22/2006 5:54 AM

I'm copying my personal recollections for all you, in ADHD format for your reading pleasure!
Summit - 1.5 weeks <> Me and Dan scope it out, scaring the smokers with the flashlight beam. Realize it will not be easy but isn't gonna be hard. Pick out gate-adjacent entrance point.

Summit - 24 hours <> Notice the wonderful sunset, think that would be a site to see from the top of the watertower, realize it could be fun w/ the laser too.. at dinner Laura tells me it will be 50s tomorrow. I resolve tomorrow shall be the day.

S-21:00 <> Tied 70feet of webbing into 40 feet of ladder with loop steps. I also tie the parachute cord into a long string, add a biner to the end, and cover with one of the now-brown caving socks, this shall be the primary to achieving the ladder. For good measure I tie a double figure eight, sure to back it up (to avoid falling on my tailbone, or worse this time). Put all the climbing gear in a duffle and went back to slacking.

S-00:30 <> Dans not coming, family or something. gah. Jeremy will. IM the girl and we all converge outside the union.

S-00:23 <> See the flashing red and blue of public safety. Luckily for us a duffel on friday night is amazingly common, and they were just there to kick a student out of a visitor spot.

S-00:19 <> That was too easy. Barbwire is a joke. Jeremy sets up the video camera.

S-00:15 <> After one horrible toss, the ladder is hooked, lowered down, and the climbing rope is pulled up. This is wiggled over, and then pulled down so the webbing can can be attached. And the knot is ofcourse doubled. Pulling this back up and securing to the base of the watertower means go time is ready.

S-00:06 <> Gahhh. The webbing is bouncy. I bounce it moreso and the loops shrink and one disappears into a knot. Shoes nolonger are a concern, off and thrown to be over my shoulders. Up the webbing. Eww. I encourage Laura to wuss out, and she does. Most knots I just grab with my toes, the first bars of the ladder I grab eagerly, putting myself in a poorer, but reassuring, position to climb the watertower.

S-00:03 <> Easier, but takes forever. I lace my arms through the back of the ladder and grab the next rung up, it feels safer. I climb. Half way up the ladder I look down to see Jeremy half up the webbing, and its high. I go back to climbing, muttering prayers as I go.

S-00:01 <> Oh. That cable in my face is for clipping into. Wish my biners had arrived from Hong Kong.

S-00:00:10 <> The tops not gonna be hard afterall. Nice railings. I’m all chalky

S <> Sweet. Feel like exulting in a yell but decide thats not in my best interest. Start taking pictures, the campus w/ sunset, miller, almost ski liberty, the top of the tower from on level with it, Jeremy topping.

S + 00:01 <> Looking for the video option, standing atop the vent (10 inches above the top), I feel strangely comfortable... and I see the edge and realize that 12 feet away is 80?100? feet down. Close enough to slide to.

S + 00:03 <> We check the access hatch (sealed) and chuck our shoes off the edge ("Heads!"... they should hit... now. Ok then, nowish...... bap. wow that took a long time.) Jeremy says "air resistance", and next points out the football bobblehead of our ruleshirking predecessors near a guiderail strut. And starts down, when he gets half way I take a picture of the amazing drop. (doesn't turn out well, too dark).

S+00:05 <> (pretty short time up, no?) I start heading down. Seems a lot easier, still clutching most the steps.

S+00:06 <> Jeremy tells me not to start the webbing while he’s on it, and looking down I realize that my next rung is nonexistent. Close. He finishes, denying Laura's help, and I go into a crunched position and then start descending the knots. No loops. Bad style, trembling legs, I try to step down early but that’s a nogo, Laura loops a foot for me though and I'm down.

S+00:07 <> Kiss the girl and pull down the ropes, me and Jeremy -fine Dan, Jeremy and I- get the oscillation right to unsnag them. Luckily the webbing only snags before it's out of reach. Roll the ropes, pack them up, and were off.

S+00:10 <> Deff almost grabbed the barbwire this time, but its otherwise even easier. The endorphins are all kicked in now. Candee Jay - "If I Were You" in my head.

S+00:15 <> Ditch the stuff, wash the chalk off my hands in a waterfountain (just switched jackets).

S+00:25 <> "I climbed a water tower" "wait waa" - Alicia.

S+08:10 <>Started this.
S+08:50 <>Ended this. 1:53 AM sat jan 21st 2006 ad. none of that CE bull.

(Edit: Added a picture)

[last edit 1/24/2006 3:41 AM by MindHacker - edited 1 times]
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Re: The watertower was calling to me.
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Congrats MH!

Bringing exploration to Clarksville.

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UER Forum > Journal Index > Boringly Titled by MindHacker > The watertower was calling to me. (Viewed 2188 times)

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