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UER Forum > Journal Index > Stories from the Fredericton Underground > Mission: Binary (Viewed 2526 times)
Mission: Binary
entry by toxictoaster 
9/12/2005 1:11 PM

This week, the Fredericton Underground Crew will be going on a big mission. I decided to call this one "Mission: Binary" because its, pretty much a 0 or 1 situation, a go, or no go that can determine the rest of our exploration.

The mission objectives are as follows

1) Find an Entrance

This objective has two possible solutions. Entrance two, will only be used
in the case that entrance one doesn't work.

1)The Mid Entrance. MacKennzie has a plan to get into the Mid Entrance
by using a ruler to open the door. If this works then it would save
everyone a lot of time/trouble. If we get in this entrance, a good
number of our objectives change. I think it's quite obvious which ones.

2)The South Entrance. I have elected that if MacKennzie's plan on getting
in the Mid Entrance doesn't pan out that we resort to using the South
entrance. This really is a last ditch resort. The crew that would go
in through this entrance, would have to proceed down and through
the construction area...which is virgin, territory to us, as we have
never been through that section since it was reconstructed. We believe
there is a slight safety risk, both in stability of the area, as well as
security that might be assigned to watch over the area.

2) Operation LBR

This has been an objective that has had us stumped over and over again.
We need to open up this entrance to allow us to explore the LBR basement,
for a possible route that would connect us to the Fredericton Tunnel System.
With the university tunnels pretty much explored, the FTS would provide us
with months of exploration opportunity.

1)The Head Hall -> LBR Door. This is the one, the only obstacle that is
between us and the LBR basement. Hopefully either MacKennzie or Aitken
will have the tools/know how to get this door open. After the door is open
the door will be remonted.

2)Explore the LBR basement. The LBR basement is to be fully explored. Every
door tested, photos taken. This area need to be fully documented. The
surveyors of this area, have to take note to look for bricked up walls,
pipes that go into walls (steams pipes) ect.

3)If and Entrance to the FTS is Located. The Head Hall -> LBR Door is to be
rigged to allow easy entrance to the LBR area. If this means damaging the
locking mech, so be it. The door is to be checked to assure that it has
been properly mounted. The surveying group at this point is to return to
mid exit, and discuss with the group what to do next.

3) Operation Lady Dunn

This mission seeks to uncover the mystery on the east side of campus. To
find out where the tunnels are in this region, and how to access them. As
always those who are involved in this mission will survey out this region for
mapping purposes, take pictures and movies documenting the mission.

1)Entrance. The Result of mission 1 will result in the entrance for mission

2)Once in the tunnels the team will proceed through the 'SUB Tunnels' through
to the Lady Dunn door.

3)The door will be opened (if unlocked)

4)The basement of Laddy Dunn, will be documented, mapped, and searched for
doors that would lead to other tunnel systems

5)If New Tunnels systems are found, the team will explore and document
these new tunnel systems.

All of those who wish to be involved are to make contact with the regular group leader asap.

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UER Forum > Journal Index > Stories from the Fredericton Underground > Mission: Binary (Viewed 2526 times)

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