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UER Forum > Journal Index > Stories from the Fredericton Underground > Abort Mission : LBR (Viewed 2309 times)
Abort Mission : LBR
entry by toxictoaster 
9/3/2005 2:25 PM

Last night (Sept2nb) we attempted once again to get into LBR. As we were making our way through the tunnels to get to the LBR entrance, we noticed that alot of work has been done to the tunnels since we were last down, a week ago. Namely, new insulation was put on piping that would run into the science library/financial offices. Also a good deal of the lights were left on. This made everything seem a little spookier, as we are used to be in darkness in these areas.

Fredericton has experienced a lot of rain over the last few days. Which lead to the tunnels being very wet/muddy in areas.

McKennzie and I made it to Head Hall without incident. When we got there we were radioed by Harrision who was above ground keeping watch. Harrison had a hard time understanding us due to static, and misunderstood our communication. When he returned the message, we received cross-chatter on the FRS, alongside someone asking us about tilley. Too many things were adding up in my mind.

1) Harrison was trying to tell us something, when we asked if it was clear, that clearly was not, that it was clear.

2) Cross-chatter, could have intercepted information that would lead the wrong people into knowing that we had entered the tunnels.

3) If Harrison had said something about tilley, it most likely was that he wanted us to exit through Tilley.

4) The lights throughout the tunnels were on...could this mean that someone was actually down here late at night?

All of this began to add up in my head, so i made the call to abort the mission and rush back to the tilley exit. The area that we were going to enter was directly below (2 floors) a security check point. And our mission was a particularly sensitive one.

As we booted back up towards tilley, McKennzie took a bad spill on some slippery mud, half of his body was covered in mud. This was mostly because of the way i was running with the light leaving Mckennzie in the dark as to what he was running on.

We exited, to see Harrison waiting for us. He said that he couldn't hear exactly what we were trying to say, and thought that we were trying to indicate that we were done with the mission and heading back towards the tilley exit.

It was time for us to reform our communication protocol. Although, the mission was aborted, I was far off happier that we got out without being detected, and interpreted Harrison's message as we did, rather then be down there and mis-interpret a warning message.

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UER Forum > Journal Index > Stories from the Fredericton Underground > Abort Mission : LBR (Viewed 2309 times)

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