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UER Forum > Journal Index > Stories from the Fredericton Underground > The First Time, Second Time, and ...Last Time??? (update 1 aug27) (Viewed 2421 times)
The First Time, Second Time, and ...Last Time??? (update 1 aug27)
entry by toxictoaster 
8/27/2005 12:17 PM

Tilley's First Time in the UNB Tunnel System

The first time I was in the UNB Tunnel system, was back in the spring of my freshman year, 2004.

I was looking for entrances into the UTS all year, and found many outside vents- but all the ones I found were locked. Three days before I left, while walking home to residence, I came upon a loose vent on a trail behind McGee/mcleod, that I
suspected was the entry point one of my res mates earlier that year (find out more of his story in another thread). I hurried back to residence and Rounded up another two guys to go in with me one of which was 'Beaverbrook'.

We went down with only one flashlight, and tried to enter the exit directly behind Mcleod House, it wasn't sturdy (as anyone would know from the other story)but it sure wasn't becoming loose anytime soon. Discouraged, we called it night. On the
walk to prospect street, we came across a vent in a bush, just for fun we tried to open it, and to our surprise it was open! We were electrified, and went in fast.

The night we managed to explore down as far as the STU tunnels, we were so excited to be down in the tunnels that we really didn't pay much mind to documenting our accounts, or mapping. When faced with the narrow tunnels that push on, we decided to make our way back.

Two nights later, I made my second voyage into the tunnel system, with Beaverbrook and Bailey. We managed to explore the mcgee tunnels, nosey tunnels, STU Tunnels, and even the flooded aitken access tunnel, from which we found a newspaper, that we found again a year and a half later. We were down for around 3 hours that trip, and came back dehydrated, and with wet feet (as the aitken tunnels were flooded).

That summer, I voyaged to Fredericton to look for a new apt for the upcoming year, I went to the old tunnel entrance with Bailey (I Think). To try and go down again, this time, it was locked. I tried to get in over and over again throughout the whole 2004/2005 academic year, without success. I took this time to document all the exits, all the vents. I also took the time to chart out in my mind where i would suspect the tunnel routes would go. At this point i honestly thought i was never going to get in again, that getting in the first time was a fluke. I played with the idea of getting bolt cutters and taking off the locks from the east side entrances and going in that way (im glad now that i
didn't go that way).

It wasn't until the summer of 2005, that i go in again, and let me tell you, how i could have gotten in anytime i wanted, if i had only tried!

A Vent in the high grass
41592.jpg (89 kb, 511x433)
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UER Forum > Journal Index > Stories from the Fredericton Underground > The First Time, Second Time, and ...Last Time??? (update 1 aug27) (Viewed 2421 times)

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