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UER Forum > Journal Index > Stories from the Fredericton Underground > Fredericton Tunnel System 1001 (Viewed 4123 times)
Fredericton Tunnel System 1001
entry by toxictoaster 
8/27/2005 11:52 AM

The Fredericton Tunnel System (FTS)

I have been asking the locals about the FTS quite a bit. They mostly can agree about one thing, they go all the way from the hospital, all the way down to the Legistalture, Lord Beaverbrook Hotel, Play House, and The Cathedral ; all of which are historical buildings in the city.

Some go so far as to say that the tunnels run all through the city, up and and through king street, all the way to what i know as the governors mansion. Most mention that the tunnels touch the houses on Waterloo Row, which has a lot of historical/rich houses.

Entrances to these tunnels are few and far between, the locals say that there are entrances near the Saint John River, I haven't seen any, but then again i haven't thoughly looked because that description covers so much area.

There seems to be an exit right beside an huge heating vent by the playhouse, that is chained from the inside, note, that it actually smells (yes the tunnels do have a very distinct smell) like tunnel in this area. I was referenced to this tunnel entrance by some high school girl on the bus back in 2003, my memory is a lil fuzzy on whether or not she actually said that she was down there once, and walked up to campus...

The Smythe Street Chimneys (weird vents that come out of the ground) are also up for questioning. I really have no clue whats under this area, but by whats indicated by a sign on this mound, I really shouldn't golf there. So strange.


I say this is history, but it actually seems more like rumors that I haven't substantiated.

Some say that the FTS was used by bootleggers during Prohibition to traffic booze, the Canadian Prohibition years were around 1926 could these tunnels be this old?

Others tell stories of Slave trading on waterloo row that was done through the Fredericton Tunnel System. A variant on this story that seems more likely is that during the years when the American Underground Railroad would bring Black Slaves across the boarder to freedom that the slaves would take the FTS to get into houses on waterloo row (which is near the train station).

Many say that the FTS was shut down in the 1960's all entrances closed off and bricked by mandate of the city. The city has since forgot about the tunnels, letting them fall into disrepair, leading to cave in's on occasion...'

[Note I will try and take some pictures of area's of interest and post them here asap]

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UER Forum > Journal Index > Stories from the Fredericton Underground > Fredericton Tunnel System 1001 (Viewed 4123 times)

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