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UER Forum > Journal Index > Look elsewhere > Arithmetic, geometry, and the square root of pi (Viewed 2899 times)
Arithmetic, geometry, and the square root of pi
entry by KublaKhan 
6/5/2005 5:01 PM

I met him near the Johnston St. Bridge. He lived in a tangle of weeds and tall grasses. "Watch your step," he said, pointing to a precipice that lead straight down to the water's edge, some forty feet below. He swept back the grass to make a place for me to sit, then he pulled a notebook and a pencil from under a log and opened the book to show me a series of geometric patterns, designs, sketches. "I'm working on a formula," he said. "Everything you want to know about these tunnels may be found in this formula. I can determine length, width, height. I can determine the exact volume of empty space in the ritual chamber. I can pinpoint entrances."
I studied his work. The page was filled with the esoteric squiggles and loops I'd abandoned long ago as a failed student of trigonometry.
"Your answers are here."
I asked him if he'd ever read Dante.
"Many times."
Does his work influence yours?
"I appreciate his efforts to bring sense to an abstract idea. Hell. It's a tangible place, you know."
Are these tunnels as tangible?
"My witness to them makes them so."
Dante's math wasn't able to locate hell.
He smiled. His teeth were perfect. "Mine does."


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Location: Nanaimo
Gender: Male
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Re: Arithmetic, geometry, and the square root of pi
< Reply # 1 on 11/15/2006 1:46 AM >
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Posted on Forum: UER Forum
Geometry, tunnels,... I don't know much about Victoria, but I am fairly familiar with Nanaimo...
Did you know that Vancouver Island has the highest rate of devil worshippers witchcraft cults per capita than any where else in the world?
Now, to each his own, I say; BUT when their shit starts spilling over into your own, or your family's shit, then, hey, it's time for them to F___ OFF!
Nanaimo is riddled with underground tunnels. They used to be mine shafts for the coal mines there.
If you want to hear some really juicy stuff, there is a woman, her name is Noushii Croxall, but, her pals, or should I say, the people that know her, call her Noushii (noo-shee).
She seems to be somewhat of an expert. She has lots to talk about!
She says she has been in the tunnels, and you'd never guess where one can gain access to them!
She has theories about the tunnels, in regards to the Illuminates sect, Freemasonry, the Hells Angels, (brother 12)???, New World Order, cops,... etc. etc.
She claims that they are all tied in together; part of the New World Order. Anyhow I'm sure she would LOVE to talk to anyone that was interested in what she has to say on these subjects.
Her e-mail is:
I'm not sure if she is a total f______ nut, or if she's really on to something. Either way, before she gets checked in, or before someone checks her OUT, permanently, we should listen to what she has to say.


Location: Edinburgh, Scotland
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With Satan, it's always gimmie, gimmie.

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Re: Arithmetic, geometry, and the square root of pi
< Reply # 2 on 11/16/2006 5:49 PM >
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Posted on Forum: UER Forum
Absolutely fascinating. Thanks for the tip. I'll send her an email ASAP.


"The truth is knowable. But probably not, ever, incontrovertible."
--Don DeLillo
UER Forum > Journal Index > Look elsewhere > Arithmetic, geometry, and the square root of pi (Viewed 2899 times)

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