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UER Forum > Journal Index > > Infiltrating the Flour Tower (Viewed 1938 times)
Infiltrating the Flour Tower
entry by Kakesu 
4/17/2005 6:08 AM

My first infiltration of a live site, and solo to boot! One of the many things Chelmsford is incredibly famous for is being the home of Marriages Flour. They've been making flour here for a century or two, here's a photo of the place.

It's pretty much the largest industrial site in town that isn't ridiculously well covered by CCTV. Exploring the place tonight was really a spur of the moment decision, and looking back there was a lot I did wrong. For future reference:

1) Don't carry tools you don't need. It'll just look worse if you get caught.
2) Silence is golden, and keep away from windows once you're inside.
3) The site might not have CCTV, but getting unnecessarily recorded on the way to and from the place is just dumb.
4) Sliding down a shute you can't see the bottom of is incredibly retarded. Seriously, just don't do it.

Anyway! Getting into the site was easy. The wall was more of a territory marking thing than an actual obstacle. After the wall, there was a big loading space to run through then some dead-end fire-escape ladders and some low roof spaces to clamber on. After sitting around for half an hour or so taking in the view and stuff, I was ready to climb down and go home. On the way down though I was randomly trying doors, and one on the second floor opened!

Inside was unbelievable. The area I'd fluked my way into was basically a housing for a four storey high flour refining machine, with space to spare. A hulking industrial gordian knot of tubes, filters, and mills. Blinking LEDs and everything. It really was the most amazing space I've ever found. The icing on this already delicious cake though was the spiral flour shute. A spiral flour shute! Obviously this had to be ridden, and that resulted in my first near-accident. I stopped myself after sliding down a floor, and by chance I came to a halt about a foot away from a dark drop through a trapdoor that had been left ajar. An important lesson learned. After the scare on the shute, I'd decided my luck had been pushed far enough and headed home. I had to hunt a little for an exit, but eventually came across some pallets conveniently stacked right next to the fence.

I absolutely intend to return to this site. There's another (Even bigger) tower to try to get into. And once I've invested in a respirator, I desperately want to find a room of loose flour for some Scrouge McDuck style swimming antics. I can't believe I live so close to this place. After all my jealousy of the Americans and Canadians on this site and their access to great places, I've found somewhere incredible to explore practically on my doorstep.

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UER Forum > Journal Index > > Infiltrating the Flour Tower (Viewed 1938 times)

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