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Easter Weekend Toronto Meet
entry by Boffo 
3/27/2005 10:09 AM

Easter weekend and what better to do then hit up the local UE meet down in Toronto for some crazed exploration madness. So I ended up taking the GO train from Oakville with Shiroi and getting down the CNE GO Station to walk up to the wrong Liberty café (people should specify better...) anyways, after a few seconds of actually using our brains we realized the meet was a few doors down and got lunch and what not. There was a fair turnout, for some reason the mochi meets used to be huge gatherings, now they've become rather mundane with the same people showing up to each one, regardless that makes things more fun. Ninj came, it was good to see him again and he brough t-shirts, so suffice to say me and a few others pretty much gave him a few hundred dollars. A bunch of people put them on immediately, but hell if I was going to go exploring and I get caught with a shirt that says INFILTRATION: GOING PLACES YOUR NOT SUPPOSED TO GO I'd be a little fucked in the matter. Other people who showed up included Lost Flock and potLAN who I haven't seen in forever, maybe back in the wuffymeet in August was the last time I believe.

Anyways... the meet concluded and the real fun began. So we all got into the respected cars and what not, I found myself with Jupiter_Lament... which... was slightly awkward, I only knew Cosmic_Bard and um_Vince in that car so things were a little bit... yeah... awkward at first. Anyways, moving on... we goto Centennial College and after much scouting and getting around fences we find ourselves inside. Almost straight off the bat me and potLAN are the only two explorers around taking photos. 12 people were there, 12! And I run into 1! Anyways... we both kinda do our own thing taking photos when RZ350 and Lost Flock come inside. I continued to wander s'more when I see RZ350 dive off down some stairs to the basement, intrigued I follow... and ruin a few of his photos accidently... ahh... sorry man. Not intended what so ever... We leave the basement and find the door is locked, so we head back to the way we entered the basement to hear people talking, I see Shiroi, potLAN and a security guard. We have pretty much one way to go, towards them.

Security guard was obviously petrified that he ran into the 4 of us and is trying to be as nice as possible so we don't beat his ass down and leave him for dead. He was so weird though... talking about Satanism and bullying and the 60s... adn he was so damn fat. If we ran he would of chased a good 7 steps before collapsing on the floor all outta breath. We behaved and left the premises, the other 8 explorers followed suit VIA the entrance with the security guard pretty much non the wiser. A short stop at Tim Hortons later and we're all reflecting on the events that just transpired. Heh, not everyday you run into a security guard who converses about Satanism and can't catch a cold.

So after a nice Ice Cap and a donut we decide to move to Canron a little ways a way. Vince, RZ350 and Lost Flock separate from the group and miss out on the fun A short drive later me and Cosmic_Bard who knew the place took point and lead the guided tour. What to say about Canron? Well... its big... its empty... and it has electricity still. Got some good photos this time, was kicking my self last time for not having my camera. Shiroi did a funny little show for us which I think Jupiter filmed on his digicam, hope that turns out well. Was the funniest thing I've seen for a while XD

Next up after Canron? Well where do you go when you have nothing better to do in Toronto? ... not Tim Hortons, already did that. Yes! The Don Valley Brickworks. So we go in and... what can I say about the Brickworks? Well... its the Brickworks... kinda vague, well screw off. Roadwolf and Nightbird show up which means the exploration will be a hoot in a half on its own. I didn't even take photos of this place, my batteries were nearly gone in my camera and a long exposure would kill it off for sure. It was pitchblack at this time and I can say I much rather the daytime exploring especially for photos. We exit and all of a sudden key in "Hey... isn't that Exkalibur's car?" after much fun we try to totally p0wn Exka but it all backfires and they kinda point and laugh at us for how stupid we were. Yes... we walked right past them and didn't notice... then watched us set up or p0wning trap... so... suffice to say... it didn't work. So sad to bad.

Next up... well... notta clue, but we were hungry again... Jupiter and co take off and our group size minimizes once more... So it's off to Burger King and down to. We find our self near Hearn and stop at the Tim Hortons and Wendys... yeah I said Burger King but fuck that - this is tradition! Dinner passes and we're down to a meager 6 explorers after Avatar-X and potLAN take off. So after much conversation we all agree "Yeah that Mimico area is kinda poor looking, let's go there. It really sucks." in the past this logic has never worked, but perhaps today... it will be different. We managed to event a new adjective - HAMILTON, I'll use it in a sentence "That building is so Hamilton." which basically can be translated too "That building looks abandoned but is active." pretty much like EVERYTHING in Mimico and Hamilton. Driving down to Mimico and scouting was sorta interesting, Shiroi's comments outta the FRS were amusing as hell. We scouted a few hamilton buildings and eventually while heading towards port credit found something that actually was abandoned.

The abandoned library... which I will stop mentioning... I think I forgot what happened or something. I think I totally p0wned a fence or something... and can be quoted saying something like "...well I dunno about you guys but exploration is fun!" which... I dunno even why I said. Roadwolf was taking pictures and I wanted to be inside, it all came out wrong... it will haunt me forever now I think. After realizing the placed had an armed security system we left continuing our merry way down Port Credit.

Next we went to Humber College where there was some filming going on or something, so yeah, there's a Martha Stewart movie and it involves gay sex in the park. Or was it the security guard trying to hit on Roadwolf. Hmm... could of been either or. The scariest image here is Marth Stewart having gay sex. *shudders at the though* I think I'm gonna stop talking about this place and continue along. We didn't UE this place either, we didn't even get out of the car. There was no need or something... I dunno I'm way to tired right now to focus... what time is it... 4:45am!? geeze still early. Whatever I'm losing my focus.

*cranks up the Electric Six playing in the background*

Okay, next we were driving around when, bam! U-TURN time! Abandoned hotel, awesome find. That's gonna kick ass. We exhaust our possible entrances with out performing some serious B&E and get ready to leave. Shiroi and Cosmic_Bard decide to do one last thing... which... probably wasn't the best idea. As they ended up getting caught... story starts telling its self and what not. The drivers take off from the scene and we head off to some guest parking in a nearby appartement complex hiding out. When outta no where some drunk landlord fellah starts screaming at Roadwolf about parking tickets... yeah... okay buddy... like... cops are on us for trespassing this guy is drinking and driving. Which is more serious. Agggh. This is why I hate the cops sometimes. You should have bigger fish to fry.

*starts up the Silent Hill 3 soundtrack*

So me and Nightbird are set out on foot to figure out WTF has happened to the two. On a brief pass the two are being interrogated on the street by two cops. We return to the van to find its... no longer there... Roadwolf and Conundrum have moved locations and we find our selves sitting around kinda... confused... until Nightbird phones up Roadwolf... because... Nightbird has these good ideas while I kinda hit my self on the head and go "Me smart and go do nothing!! <_>"

One phone call later and Conundrum swings by, I decide to stick with him to keep him some company while Shiroi and Bard are both taking it up the ass from the cops. Those two really know how to handle a nightstick ;)

Uhh... yeah, so. The cops at this time come up with this plan so cunning you can brush your teeth with it. The get Cosmic_Bard to FRS us to tell us there location... because y'know, the cops want our location to give us trespassing tickets too. Like WTF, we weren't even inside, they were on the roof, there wasn't actually a no trespassing sign posted, we got on the roof via stairwell on the outside leading to the roof. Society needs to stop fucking with us here and grow up a bit... anyways... yeah... the... thign... and the... 5:00 am!? Shit... okay. Gonna try and finish this up soon. That scroll bar is getting awfully small. So they eventually get let go and try and get away from the place in the end and Shiroi/Bard tell us there location and Roadwolf goes to pick em up with me and Conundrum given the word to... DRIVE EAST. Yes... so... ack to Toronto... I guess... towards... EAST! MUST GO EAST! We drive as East as we can till the road ends... uhh... NORTH! DRIVE NORTH! HEY WE CAN GO EAST AGAIN! EAST! GO EAST! Until finally we find our selves in poor old Mimico again. I don't even think Mimico has cops, its so damn seety... urg sorry. I meant HAMILTON. It's so damn Hamilton in Mimico.

*skims over Roadwolf's account of things*

Man this is so much more in detail! In your face bitch! BAAAAAAM!!! ... or something. I'm tired... actually y'know what, I think its just me ranting now. Give me text and infinite time and text to write ideas this is what I do. A fucking novel. Take that bitch, yeah thats right. I'm swearing, I'm awesome like that. Uhhh yeah... so getting back on task... where the hell was I? Oh yes... at Mimico we met up with Bard and Shiroi again who recounted the event and showed us there trespassing tickets. I wish I had one, not really, but they are kinda cool.

After that... not much happened. Got a drive back to Oakville... checked my emails... deviantart... logged on MSN... started writing this thing. Downloaded some music and now kinda... idling in the avchat. Cause I do that. Photos will go up soon I guess. All around lots of fun and memories to last a life time. I feel like I forgot something... something important... oh well. Screw it.

I'm gonna copy/paste this on uer/deviantart ^^;

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