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...UEs Past...
entry by Miss_Informed 
1/13/2005 5:32 AM

I'd taken Dynishka to my mother's for a weekend visit. I'm not sure on the year, but I'll guess around 1987. Mom lived in Iowa.

For years I'd promised Dynishka I'd take her for a trek through my 'haunted' neighborhood. This time she held me to it.

We began by heading east up my street, which meant we were heading up a rather steep hill. At the top of the hill we crossed to the opposite side of the road, then entered a yard for to trek to the next block over.

It was quite dark. As I groped to find familiar paths from my childhood, we stepped over plant material that felt spongy, and I remember thinking things had changed a lot since last I'd made the neighborhood rounds. The yards there, in the old neighborhood, are massive, with backyards the size of football fields or better.

Finally we'd got (trespassed heh) to the back of the property, and there found a lovely little bridge crossing a narrow creek ... a small jaunt and we were on another path that lead through the next yard, then on to the the next block.

Next block, we headed south, past dark homes resting in ample yards ... toward the 'S' curve in the road. At the lower half of the 'S' was the house with the totem pole.

Ah, the totem pole.

Le'me tell ya, this thing is weird. It doesn't stand upright, but is instead curved like a huge doughnut sunk half in the ground. The thing feels cold like ceramic or plaster, but I now guess it's composition to be of fiberglass. It is 'decorated' (I use the term loosely) with an array of oddities; a huge ear (about 3ft in length), the face of a King off a deck of cards (unsure which suit but black to be sure), a large brain (perhaps 1.5 x human brain size), um ... mushrooms, gosh, I can't remember it all! The thing looks like an acid trip realized in an incredibly weird sculpture. (I'll try to get down for photos ~ assuming it's still there.) We stayed for just a short time. I was leery of the large dog I knew to have patrolled the property some time before. Though it was creepy, we hadn't yet felt haunted.

We made off for the church grounds. Once there, we were prone in the parking lot for to gaze upon the expanse of stars above.

That parking lot, historically, was always where I would acquire (if you will) 'the littles' ... the little folk, who then would always follow myself and my guest on the remainder of our explore.

That night ... though we thought we'd heard 'the littles' tell-tale whispers and giggles ... something else seemed to pervade. Not a sound, but a sense. Of darkness ... no, worse. It felt malignant. Vile. Evil.

Dynishka and me both sat upright, then instinctively began to scoot slowly so our backs were together as there we sat.

The whispers and giggles were stifled as birds and crickets before a storm. The silence was obvious and unnerving.

We moved to stand, and a growl met us. Though let me explain, it was less a sound than a feeling. Make sense?

We decided to cut through Shawna's (now she's racing NASCAR ~ go girl!) ... a densely wooded yard that opens to a field which leads back to my [mom's] street. The growl moved in front of us. Mind you, we could physically see nothing, but the presence was unmistakable.

I gently touched Dynishka on the shoulder, indicating the direction of our next move with a nod of my head ... but I didn't stray my eyes from the spot my senses told me was occupied by the 'thing'.

Suddenly I burst off toward the road, not even wasting time to go through Shawna's ... instead we went through the Kouskie's yard ... long as the other yards but not as densely treed. As we moved toward the back ... perhaps 100 feet from the house in the side yard, the 'thing' tried to get in front of us. By now, it was making such a racket I thought I'd go mad! I can't tell you now the sounds, I can't make my mind remember them. In fact, I wasn't at all sure the sounds weren't in my head only and not out of it. Then I noticed from the corner of my eye that lights had flickered on in the Kouskie's house, and heads could be seen peering out toward us through assorted windows.

Somehow, knowing that others could hear (or sense?) the 'thing' terrified me even more. I'd ducked down to hide next to a truck-topper (sans truck), sporting tall grasses all around where the lawn mower couldn't reach. Dynishka dropped to her knees next to me, gasping. "What is that?" ... screamed in a whisper.

For a moment, I didn't feel the 'thing' impeding our path. I took the moment to bolt. I hate to say it, but I was literally out to save myself ... not even stopping for a millisecond to check that Dynishka was surviving! (Sorry Sistah!)

I'd got to the gate that separated the Kouskie's yard from my neighbor-across-the-street's yard. I was freaking out and not having an easy time with the gate latch, when again the 'thing' loudly made it's presence known. Finally the gate was open and me and Dynishka were sprinting across an expansive lawn toward the driveway ~ a long and winding thing. The formal garden surrounding the house is separated from the front by a long line of trees, which run parallel with the creek (mentioned earlier in my story). As we approached said line of trees, running so fast nary a step touched the ground, we awoke what sounded like hundreds of sleeping birds who all at once fled the trees screeching and making a horrid sound. Then I wasn't sure if it were birds I heard, or the 'thing' which pursued us, or both. I should mention here ... outside of abject fear, there also seemed to be some weird time/space thing happening. I can't explain or describe it, everything just felt twisted and not real. Perhaps it was just terror.

Finally, out of the trees and making our way towards the front fence/gate (imposing gothic-looking black-iron jobby that was closed argh!) we didn't break step until we hit the gate and made to climb over. I felt as the men in "The Omen" who were running from evil dogs in the cemetery, and had the terrible thought I'd impale myself!

I managed not to. We ran across the street towards the warm glow of the lights lining my mother's front walk, then could detect the comforting sound of my dog Benjy barking in the backyard.

We ran up the drive and crashed through mom's back gate to collapse on lawn chairs ... panting and laughing-almost-crying and trying to get a word out.

As we got our thoughts (translate as shit) together, and could finally talk, we sat and related in hushed voices what each the other had felt and seen etc. As we did so, we could hear the horses in pasture behind mom's house had come up to the fence [which kept them out of the backyard proper]. My dog trotted down the path to say hi to them, and we followed. Eventually, we stood at the fence, petting and cooing to the animals. Before me was Zeus, the largest stallion.

I remember now, hindsight, that he was acting odd. Skittish (they all were). But at the time, I guess I was trying to make things as normal as possible, and I denied it.

Zeus took a long step back, an awkward movement, because he did so with only one leg. He then looked straight at me (into my eyes? Dunno, too dark) and commenced to urinating (?!), a long and drawn-out piss. His stance was, how shall I say, almost threatening, like he was a bull preparing to charge!

As Dynishka and I (and poor Benjy) were witnessing all this, the 'thing' dropped down on us from above. There were no trees directly above us, just an 'old fashioned' type electrical line. The 'thing' dropped to the ground directly between Zeus and me, but on *my* side of the fence. When I say dropped, I mean, we could hear it ... feel the thud reverberate through the ground at our feet (we [me Dynishka Benjy & the horses] were all standing very close ... within a 3-4ft circle).

Again, let me remind you we could physically see nothing. As for myself, my brain was creating a dark mass in the general vicinity of the 'thing' ... but I seriously don't remember seeing anything.

Anyway, the horses, including Zeus, broke out into wild neighing and bucking and kicking, then scattered as if wolves were after them.

Absolutely speechless, I looked at Dynishka ... my mind groping for any sort of reasoning. Benjy broke me of my reverie (though I doubt it lasted more than a few seconds). He was barking and making for the house. Again, we followed him.

The flight was excruciating.

For a moment, I could not see the house nor back porch, our supposed safety. Instead, I saw myself from behind running in panic, as though I saw through the 'thing's' eyes.

We made it to the porch, Benjy was already inside via his own passage through the backdoor. I was tempted to jump through it myself, but my higher logic convinced me to use the doorknob instead. Dynishka and I didn't stop until we'd run to the front of the house ... to the front and formal living room (used only when mom has guests). Once there, we were oddly calmed. Collected. Moving pointedly.

I went to the secretary in the corner and removed a pen and paper. Dynishka switched on the stereo, then retrieved a bottle of merlot from the liquor cabinet. I sat on the sofa, pen in hand, with a mind to write of our experience. Dynishka sat on the floor near the serving/coffee table and poured us both a glass of wine. Though out of breath, we refused to show it. We were fine. My cats, one-by-one, began to saunter into the room ~ noticing we were out-of-sorts, but not wanting us to think they cared enough to show any concern.

Just when everything was beginning to feel all right, a huge catfight erupted under the sofa upon which I sat. I mean, you could see fur flying out from below, and of course you know how awful is that sound! There was no doubt in my mind (at that time at least) my cats were fighting the 'thing' right under my caboose.

That's where the story ends. I know Dynishka and I took that bottle of wine to my bedroom where we sat with every single light on (including closet lights). We did not speak of the incident further that night. We simply waited for the sun, and thankfully the wait was uneventful.

I did eventually finish penning the whole story (by hand, somewhere in the region of 20 pages front and back). I held on to it for many many years, too. Though now, since I bought my house in '98 August ... I haven't been able to locate the sheets, alas, I've done my best in this retelling.

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UER Forum > Journal Index > The Amber Room > ...UEs Past... (Viewed 1550 times)

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