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UER Forum > Journal Index > Noah Vale's Journal > /me is PISSED! (Viewed 2684 times)
/me is PISSED!
entry by Noah Vale 
1/10/2005 9:19 PM

Okay, so for Christmas, I decided to take a family portrait with my MF as a gift to the 'rents. They would like that sorta thing, one would think. Anyway, I took the pic, then mailed the exposed film back to Amarillo, where I took it to the only decent* camera/photo place in town. My request was a simple one. 12x12 glossy of one negative. I went back today to pick it up, and since I hate reviewing my prints at the store, and I had friends with me and we were going to do other things, I didn't really look at it at all. Now; I just took a good look at the print and what do I see? JPEG artifacts. From an image taken with a medium format camera. W.T.F. I called back and the girl I talked to was nice but dumb, but I asked about the "new printer" they just got because the owner mentioned it to me in passing when I was getting some other stuff there a few weeks ago. Turns out they scan my negative and then print it out from the digitized version. So my parents Christmas present looks like ass, and I told my mom she could have it after this summer when I go to Dallas and either do it myself (I have a MF enlarger, but no chems or darkroom or know-how) or get it done at a better place. So there's my rant. I'd rather do it myself, this may be the impetus I need to become that much more isolationistic and reclusive.

Mood: Uber-pissed
Listening to: Cursive

*Until now that is.

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"Someone go find me a paperclip, a D-cell battery, and a cheese grater"

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Re: /me is PISSED!
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See if you can find a local tech school or community college and bribe a higher-level student with film or beer. They should have the equipment to do it right (the old-fashioned way).

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Re: /me is PISSED!
< Reply # 2 on 3/14/2005 6:44 AM >
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I once got a roll of film back with technicolor fingerprints all over the prints and negatives. Apparently some asshat handled the film while it was developing or something, I only had to pay half price but I was pissed. I'd paddled my ass off, swamped my kayak, and soaked my ass in the ocean to get those prints, and some mallmonkey has to go and fuck with them

Then I bought a digital camera

Turn off the internet and go play outside.
UER Forum > Journal Index > Noah Vale's Journal > /me is PISSED! (Viewed 2684 times)

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