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UER Forum > Journal Index > ~Gh0sT St0r1Es~ > Nocturnal Ride... (Viewed 1932 times)
Nocturnal Ride...
entry by Brat Bondage 
12/20/2004 8:17 AM

Laying a path before me, are miles of ashphalt wilderness.

Waiting to be explored, these solidified masses of grey rock, serve as a silent companion, during my moonlit cruise beneath the stars. An endless expansion, of twisted roads and potentially fatal curves, they serve as a testament, to the progress of man's ingenuity. At this barren and desolate hour, with only the amber illumination of lamps to offer me guidance, I ride. Detatched and isolated from the rest of civilization, my only safeguard, is the death-like grip I maintain on my handlebars. Knowing full well, that one, slight slip of my hands, brings about my untimely demise. One that will be experienced, at triple digit speeds, and will surely result in a closed casket ceremony.

The bike roars. Like some militant, mechanized beast. Its thick, rubber teeth, chewing through the pavement, and spewing the concrete remnants out as it goes along. Snorting oil and gasoline, the inhaled vapors give me strength, and purge me, of any sense of fear I ever had. Grunting, like a mounted steed, I feel the power of the engine threaten to buck me off, as I struggle to keep control. Air, frigid and biting, causes my eyes to involuntarily weep rivers of tears, and for a moment, everything around me, becomes one, big surreal blur. Much like the uncontrolled mania, that accompanies an acid trip, things are no longer as they appear. Images blend with one another, and the only audible sound, is the whistling wind.

Faster I go. Even faster still.

As the bike gains even more momentum, I feel he transient spirts, of those who have gone on before in this very fashion, begin to ride shotgun with me. One of which, wraps his spectral arms around my waist, and whispers into my ear, "Trust in the Lord, kid. Trust in the Lord...". With a kick of the lever, accompanies a high-pitched whine of the engine. The bike now maxed out, I am at the mercy of my skills, and the hand of God.

Only in this spiritual state of indifference, do I truly know what it means, to be "free".

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UER Forum > Journal Index > ~Gh0sT St0r1Es~ > Nocturnal Ride... (Viewed 1932 times)

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