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UER Forum > Journal Index > -Charlie's Journal- > Charlie @ Early 20's Crisis (Viewed 2375 times)
Charlie @ Early 20's Crisis
entry by -CHARLIE- 
12/6/2004 8:14 AM

after highskool i thought i knew what i wanted to be for the rest of my life, so i did the logical thing and got myself into a two year accounting program. halfway through the program i thought to myself, wow this really sux, i hate skool. my grades went downhill but i figured, let's be optimistic, the glass is hall full, i'm halfway done, i can finish it, blah blah blah, etc... so i did. well everyone knows that if u don't really care about something and ur not passionate enough u do a shit job. barely passed my courses but finally i was done. i got my stinking diploma and was off to find a job.

i found a job pretty quick once i started looking, first interview i got i was hired, after working for about 6 months i was not happy, but figured (and was pressured) might as well stick it out and see how it goes, so i went for another 5 months. almost a year later i quit, but i still work there part time every two weeks to help do the accounting.

so now i'm barely working and making pretty much nothing, been looking for a full time job, but i'm not getting anywhere. time for a career change, but what?

my dream job would be one where i'd have job security/stability, good money, your typical 9 to 5 job, a feeling of accomplishment at the end of the day, learn new things, don't mind repetition, don't mind working independently or with other people, and shmaybe even have a bit of fun!

my REAL dream job would be sitting at home watching tv doing nothing, relaxing, eating, doing some kinda arts and crafts, but that kinda job doesn't exist (at least that i know of and if there is a job like that how come I don't know about it?!?!?)

so i've been trying real hard to figure out what i want to do, been looking into the culinary arts (cooking/pastry) it's definetly something i would enjoy doing, but the practicality of it? not so practical, its a job that has about half of the things i look for in a job. so is it a trade off? should i have to sacrifice certain needs for others? i really have no idea, is there really such thing as a dream job? culinary skool is friggin expensive mite i add

if anyone has any suggestions at all whatsoever please feel free to let me know, right now i'll listen to any ideas you may have (but not a porn star cuz otherwise i'll have to work so friggin hard the next 10 years so i can save up enough to last me another 50 years of retirement)

the only thing i can think of now is go talk to a stupid useless skool counsellor or just take a chance, make some sacrifices and go with cooking

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Re: Charlie @ Early 20's Crisis
< Reply # 1 on 12/10/2004 3:01 AM >
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Sounds like you like cooking, but if you were to try it for a living you'd end up hating it so much you wouldn't even do it for yourself. Reminds me of a friend of mine, actually.

You seem to be at about the usual time where most of us find out that life isn't all that shit hot; That you're probably gonna get stuck doing something you're gonna hate for the rest of your life. This doesn't have to be, but it's likely going to happen... At least for a while. As long as you don't hate your environment or coworkers, and you make enough to not only live, but also treat yourself once in a while, then you'll survive it long enough to find out what it is you're meant to be doing. Don't demand the gold right off the bat.


Arts and crafts jobs do in fact exist, and you don't have to move to Denman and grow pot to get one. If you think you're good at something in particular, then find out where that can take you. My mom makes clay dragons, three of my cousins are in two different bands, and one of my aunts makes hats... All of them working shitty socially conforming jobs on the side. I actually don't know what side of their lives makes them more money, but they all seem happy.

Rambling again....Sorry.


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Re: Charlie @ Early 20's Crisis
< Reply # 2 on 12/11/2004 4:18 AM >
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Or you could be in my shoes and have two jobs and in the middle of being hired for a third...

Earth, the world's most dangerous planet!

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Re: Charlie @ Early 20's Crisis
< Reply # 3 on 3/28/2005 4:44 PM >
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Posted on Forum:
Well, you seem to make really good baked goods... Cooking certainly isn't such a bad way to go as a career, if you actually go and get decent training. I've had a few friends do so and one is a chef for the Boathouse making decent money, the other for the 4 Seasons...

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UER Forum > Journal Index > -Charlie's Journal- > Charlie @ Early 20's Crisis (Viewed 2375 times)

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