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UER Forum > Journal Index > My Dossier > November 27, 2004 The tow yard. (Viewed 1748 times)
November 27, 2004 The tow yard.
entry by gambino 
11/28/2004 5:26 PM

Last night two friends and I went out, we hit some raunchy bar (Peel Pub cause my friend was bright enough to wear sweat pants) and proceeded to drink beer (naturally). Upon arriving downtown and parking, i happen to walk by two girls. One happened to be my first girlfriend (That fucking bitch lol).
So i had an idea it was going to be a weird night.

So we had a 2 4L pitchers and were having a good time. Later going to grab some food and talking to some drunk girls, one of them puked while talking to my friend. I actually saw a lot of people puking, it was in the air everywhere.

So upon getting back to the car, we find there is no car. Did we park here? yes...
So we see a sign on the building and continue to call the tow number. They have the car at 10 York St. , so we catch a cab and on the way we decide it was a legal parking spot. Thus we shall break the car out and not pay a ridiculous tow fee ($126.26).

This is the owner of the car, he's drunk and deciding what to do about his anger, and his car too.
30441.jpg (99 kb, 640x480)
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This is me walking around while my buddy call the number on the sign next to him and demands to know where his baby (car) is.
30442.jpg (54 kb, 640x480)
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So we took a cab to 10 York St. (the tow yard where the car is).
30443.jpg (64 kb, 640x480)
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Upon arriving we find the gate open to the tow yard, and my buddy makes a dash for his car. He climbs in his car and starts it up, and speeds toward the gate. While he made a dash for his car though, an older dirty looking dude that works there gets in another car and tries to block him. So my buddy swerves and goes around, and then this dirty dude gets out and jumps in front of my friend's car to try and block the entrance. My friend being drunk keeps driving pushing the guy, while the gate starts closing on the side of the car, so he didn't make it out.

Then this idiot kid that works there yells out the window "we called the cops, they're coming". So we go inside and decide maybe we should pay. So my friends and i are waiting for the cops. This kid keeps looking at me staring at me, and mouthing off (he was one of those retarded thugs with a big mouth). He's telling me not to look at him, so i told him to shut the fuck up..or come outside. He chose to shut up and gave me a salute while i took his picture.
30444.jpg (50 kb, 640x480)
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30445.jpg (49 kb, 640x480)
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So the cops arrive and one starts taking notes. My friend is asked about who tried to drive the car out, and he admits he did. The cops says just pay up and fight it, that's all you can do. One cop didn't like my friends attitude, as my friend does not like authority figures and was mouthing off ( i shut him up, so he didn't sour the deal and create unnecessary drama). My friend was later warned that the police hoped he wasn't trying to go around implying he was a police officer as he did to them.

I ended up asking my not so cooperative friend to wait outside.

The cops were pretty cool about it, they asked us where we were tonight and how it was...etc. It was all a big laugh for them after, us trying to break out etc.
30446.jpg (53 kb, 640x480)
click to view

So it ended up being a fun night anyways, ending at my arrival at home at 5am.

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UER Forum > Journal Index > My Dossier > November 27, 2004 The tow yard. (Viewed 1748 times)

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